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Gardens of Imagination

Disney Description from June 2016:

Created especially for Shanghai Disneyland, the Gardens of Imagination celebrates the wonders of nature and the joy of imagination, offering guests a place to leave their everyday life behind to enjoy the variety of unique gardens. They might take a spin on the Fantasia Carousel, soar on the back of Dumbo the Flying Elephant or explore the sights and sounds of Melody Garden.

Charming bridges and trails form a crossroads to other lands in the park, making Gardens of Imagination the central gathering place to meet friends and family. As guests stroll along the pathways, they may also meet Mickey Mouse and his pals. A terraced viewing area provides an ideal spot to enjoy the Enchanted Storybook Castle stage show and the nighttime spectacular.
At night, the mood in Gardens of Imagination becomes dreamy, with music and a cascade of twinkling lights. It will be as if Tinker Bell and her Fairy friends are sprinkling enchanted pixie dust in every garden.
The first land inside a Disney park designed as a garden, the Gardens of Imagination is tailored to the Chinese people’s love of gardens. It includes a novel, terraced area for viewing the castle stage show and the nighttime spectacular and a large lagoon. More than 100 species of shrubs and more than 60 species of trees adorn the seven acres.
‘Mickey’s Storybook Express’
“Mickey’s Storybook Express,” a spectacular daytime parade, transports fantasy, romance, music and merriment throughout several lands of Shanghai Disneyland. Traveling along the longest parade route in a Disney park, the parade is led by a whimsical locomotive. A line of themed “train cars” follows, each with its own exciting musical soundtrack and colorful cast of performers. Guests will enjoy seeing characters, stories and music of favorite Disney films, including a magnificent moment with Mulan. With magical surprises, “Mickey’s Storybook Express” brings the park to life with joyful energy.
Garden of the Twelve Friends
Garden of the Twelve Friends makes its global premiere at Shanghai Disneyland, starring Disney and DisneyžPixar characters in Chinese Zodiac style. This whimsical garden features 12 larger-than-life mosaic murals, each depicting a Disney or DisneyPixar character who represents a Chinese zodiac animal symbol. Guests will enjoy finding their own character and reading the plaque that explains the character’s personality traits. Guests may also take photos in front of the mosaic wall created by Chinese artisans. Chinese Zodiac characters are represented by the following Disney characters:
• Year of the Rat – Rémy from the DisneyPixar film Ratatouille
• Year of the Ox – Babe the Blue Ox from Disney’s animated short Paul Bunyan
• Year of the Tiger – Tigger from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
• Year of the Rabbit – Thumper from Bambi
• Year of the Dragon – Mushu from Mulan
• Year of the Snake – Kaa from The Jungle Book
• Year of the Horse – Maximus from Tangled
• Year of the Sheep – Jolly Holiday Lambs from Mary Poppins
• Year of the Monkey – Abu from Aladdin
• Year of the Rooster – Allan-a-Dale from Robin Hood
• Year of the Dog – Pluto
• Year of the Pig – Hamm from the DisneyPixar Toy Story films

‘Storytellers’ Statue
At the entrance to this land, a tall bronze sculpture of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse welcomes all travelers to this happy place, Shanghai Disneyland. The “Storytellers” statue is expected to be a popular photo location for guests, who may be inspired by Walt and Mickey’s spirit of friendship, and Walt’s dream of creating entertaining stories for all.
Fantasia Carousel
Fantasia Carousel was created especially for Shanghai Disneyland, with characters and symphonic music from the groundbreaking Disney film, “Fantasia.” Mickey Mouse is featured in his famous role as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Created by Chinese artists, this grand carousel features 62 enchanting, flying horses – Papa, Mama and Baby horses – and two chariots, painted in 72 vibrant colors. It is the first carousel in a Disney theme park to feature multi-colored horses, distinctly different from the traditional medieval-style horses at other Disney parks.
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
A circus has come to the garden, bringing with it one of Disney’s most beloved characters— Dumbo, the baby elephant, known for his extra large ears. With the help of a magic feather and his friend Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo learns to fly – and guests have the chance to soar along with him. Sixteen elephant vehicles carry guests through the air, offering a magical sky-high view of Shanghai Disneyland.

Marvel Universe
Guests have an exciting opportunity to encounter some of the popular Marvel super heroes and their super-powered tech. The experience begins with a multimedia mission briefing about the thrilling world of Marvel. Guests will get up-close with some of their favorite super heroes and learn to draw some of the characters, just like a real comic book artist.
Meet Mickey plus Tai Chi with Character
Guests will stop by and say hello to the character who started it all, Mickey Mouse, as he appears every day in the Gardens of Imagination. Another fun experience, Tai Chi with Character, draws on Chinese culture. In Melody Garden, guests of all ages will practice balance and harmony with Donald Duck and Chip 'n' Dale.
Wandering Moon Teahouse
This timeless teahouse honors the restless, creative spirit of China’s wandering poets, as well as the diverse and beautiful landscapes that inspired them. The restaurant recreates authentic Chinese architecture representing different regions of China, with symbols from the mountains, ocean, desert, forest and rivers. This is the first time the story of “Wandering Moon” is featured in a Disney park. Favorite Chinese dishes, such as Disney Shao Mai, are served at this quick-service location.


Current Attractions:
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Opened: Jun 16, 2016)
  • Fantasia Carousel (Opened: Jun 16, 2016)
  • Garden of the Twelve Friends (Opened: Jun 16, 2016)
  • Marvel Universe (Opened: Jun 16, 2016)
  • Meet Mickey at the Gardens of Imagination (Opened: Jun 16, 2016)
  • Wandering Moon Restaurant
  • Timothy's Treats
  • Picnic Basket
  • Outdoor Wandering Moon Restaurant Cart
  • Outdoor Pretzel & Churros Cart
  • Outdoor Popcorn Cart


Quick Facts
  • The first land inside a Disney park designed as a garden
  • Gardens of Imagination is tailored to the Chinese people’s love of gardens and water features.
  • Features more than 100 species of shrubs and more than 60 species of trees.
  • Fantasia Carousel was created especially for Shanghai Disneyland, with characters and symphonic music from the groundbreaking Disney film, “Fantasia.” Created by Chinese artists, this grand carousel will feature 62 magnificent, flying horses–Papa, Mama and Baby horses–and two chariots, painted in 72 optimistic colors.


Geek's Thoughts

From April 2018:

  • First stop this morning was to take flight with Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  Interesting to note the attraction is located in front of the castle in the Gardens of Imagination here not in Fantasyland like the other parks around the world.  The main reason for riding was to be able to say I had ridden Dumbo in every castle park around the world.  I had planned to do the same for the carrousel but that line was already over 30 minutes and longer than I wanted to wait.
  • The Duffy and Friends Show – Featuring StellaLou takes place several times a day in front of the Whistle Stop Shop on Mickey Avenue.  I thought this was a well done production with the Duffy characters as well as Mickey and Minnie plus several dancers.  The high energy show really engaged the crowd.
  • Tai Chi with Character takes place a couple of times per day in the Gardens of Imagination near the Disneytown entrance/exit (on the pathway to Tomorrowland).   I caught about 3/4ths of a show after lunch.  It features Donald, Chip and Dale.  As you would expect Donald tries to take over and Chip and Dale create mischief around him.  I would have liked to have seen the show times in the App or in the Times Guide. They were posted at the location but that was it.
  • The Marvel Universe is housed in what felt like a temporary location next to the Mickey Meet and Greet in the Gardens of Imagination.  Inside it felt like a larger version of the Tomorrowland Expo Center Disneyland had.  The building housed a small gift shop, two meet and greets, an ironman exhibit and a how to draw marvel comics class. When I visited there were guests inside and relatively short lines for Spider-Man and Captain America.  The Academy was not in session.  The Become Iron Man only had a couple people in line.  


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