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Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel is the flagship hotel for the resort. It officially opened on June 16, 2016.

Disney Description:
Shanghai Disneyland Hotel is an elegant, Art Nouveau-inspired resort with a touch of Disney magic and imagination. Located on the shores of Wishing Star Lake directly across from the theme park, Shanghai Disneyland Hotel features handsomely appointed accommodations and world-class amenities. Many rooms offer breathtaking views of the resort, during the day and at night, especially during the evening’s nighttime spectacular show. The hotel also offers four dining experiences, a themed merchandise shop, an indoor swimming pool, banquet facilities and a wedding pavilion.


Quick Facts (From 2016 Press Release)
  • Shanghai Disneyland Hotel has 420 guest rooms, including seven suites. The 55 club- level rooms offer upgraded amenities and services, for an additional fee.
  • The hotel’s architecture, characterized by elegant, organic and vibrant lines, is inspired by the Art Nouveau movement. The Art Nouveau theme appears in the hotel’s architecture, graphics, wall and window coverings and even furniture – all accented with an overlay of Disney wonder.
  • Shanghai Disneyland Hotel offers four themed dining locations. Guests may dine with Disney Characters at the buffet-style Lumiere’s Kitchen. For a fine dining experience, guests may enjoy picturesque views of the resort from the top floor of the hotel at Aurora restaurant. The Bacchus Lounge and Ballet Café, both inspired by the Disney animated classic “Fantasia,” offer bar service and quick-service meals, respectively.
  • The Magic Kingdom Club – the hotel’s concierge level – offers upgraded amenities and services for an additional fee, including access to the exclusive lounge, a designated check-in area, complimentary breakfast and snacks, bedtime storytelling, nightly turndown service and more.
  • The indoor King Triton Pool features characters and motifs from “The Little Mermaid.”
  • Hakuna Matata Oasis is a savanna-themed water play area inspired by “The Lion King.”The nearby hedge maze provides a fun challenge for guests of all ages.
  • Near the main lobby, Tinker Bell Gifts offers an assortment of souvenirs, clothing and guest-convenience items. The shop’s design is inspired by Tinker Bell from the animated classic, “Peter Pan.”
  • The on-site fitness center is accessible 24 hours a day for hotel guests. Outside, Wishing Star Lake is an ideal setting for a walk or run in a peaceful, natural environment.
  • The Cinderella Ballroom is designed specifically for weddings and can seat up to 300 guests.
  • Mickey Mouse Playhouse, the hotel’s family activity center, offers Disney-themed activities, crafts, games and story readings.
  • The deluxe rooms are available with a garden view, lake view or theme-park view.
  • For added convenience, merchandise purchased in the theme park can be delivered right to a guest’s hotel room, at no extra charge.
  • Guests may also drop off luggage at the main entrance of the theme park or at the hotel, to be delivered to their rooms.
  • The hotel sells admission tickets to the Shanghai Disneyland theme park. All ticket types are available for purchase and registered hotel guests are guaranteed admission upon purchase.
Geek's Thoughts

I stayed at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort for 5 nights in April 2018. I had a park view/lake view room on the 6th floor. We had Magic Kingdom Club access for the trip. Overall I though the cast members were great and the service at the hotel was incredible. The room was a typical hotel room with regular 2 beds and a fold out bed too. There was a desk in one corner. The bathroom was a typical hotel layout with the sink, shower/tub, and toilet all in one room. For pictures as well as more thoughts and observations be sure to check out my Shanghai Disneyland trip report from this visit. My reviewof the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Magic Kingdom Club level plus pictures.

Some thoughts and observations:

  • The Magic Kingdom Club:
    • Breakfast each morning.  It was great to eat and have a view of the park (same view as our room).   There was a fair number of both western and Asian choices available.   One short coming of the breakfast is it does not start until 7am.  With an 8am park opening that is really tight and means you cannot get to the park too early.  We ate a fairly quick breakfast which got us to the park before 8am but not by much.  It would have been much better with a 6:30am start.

    • At 9:10pm there is a storytime session in the Magic Kingdom Club.  We stopped by to get something to drink and see what this entailed.   There were a half dozen kids and their families present and a cast member read them a Disney story, in Mandarin.   For the finale Mickey makes an appearance in his PJs to say good night to everyone and pose for a round of pictures.  The cast members made sure that all kids, their families, then anyone else in the lounge got a photopass picture taken and one with their camera.  There were a handful of cast members on hand to manage the event and it went very smoothly.  My only complaint is I thought the photos seemed a little rushed and the lighting was tricky so photos were not the best.   I was talking to a cast member and they said the attendance varies dramatically. We were there on a moderate night.  They said the evening before there was only one family.  The peak is usually around a dozen.  I thought this was a nice perk of the club level.

  • To get to/from the park you can take a boat or bus.
    • The boat runs across Wishing Star Lake and takes only a few minutes to reach the hotel.   It is a Friendship style craft.   Inside it seemed larger than the Friendships plus brighter and with a large LCD screen in the front of the cabin that played Disney ads/videos.   One drawback is during most of the day they only run one boat.  And it seemed common on later days for it to be shut down during some of the afternoon.

    • Buses ran very frequently and were convenient at the hotel.    On the Disneyland side they drop off in the main bus area and it is a little bit of a hike from there past World of Disney to the front entrance.  The boat is a much shorter walk as is the morning drop off at DisneyTown. 

Geek's Pictures & Video
Shanghai Disneyland - Day 4 - Part I

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

A look around the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel including the Rose Garden & Hakuna Matata Oasis then the bus to the Metro Station from April 11, 2018.

Shanghai Disneyland - Day 4 - Part IV Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

Magic Kingdom Club, Bacchus Lounge and Ballet Cafe

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