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Shanghai Disneyland Opened on June 16, 2016.

Here is a video of the dedication of the park:



Quick Facts
  • On opening day, the resort will have approximately 700 culinary cast members producing upwards of 16 million meals a year supported by more than 1,800 service professionals. Each day, the team will serve approximately 700 kilograms of rice, more than 350 kilograms of noodles, more than 2,700 eggs and approximately 6,000 burgers.
  • In Shanghai Disneyland, no two restaurants have the same menu items. The mixture of cuisine will be 70 percent Chinese, 20 percent Asian and 10 percent Western, with something for every palate.
  • More than 150 dishes will be served within the theme park, with food from the eight major cuisines of China. It's a true showcase of Chinese cuisine with a hint of Disney Magic, from Wagyu beef noodle bowls and shao mai dumplings to chocolate Cinderella slippers.
  • The only Disney restaurant in the world that serves waffles with a silhouette of Donald Duck is Il Paperino, on Mickey Avenue in Shanghai Disneyland. Il Paperino is Italian for Donald Duck.
  • In the first year, kitchens at Shanghai Disney Resort will produce 2.4 million desserts and confectionery, and 48 tons of soups and sauces, while the staff washes and trims 12 million Bok Choy (Chinese Vegetable).
Geek's Thoughts
From April 2018:
  • Golden Fairytale Fanfare is the castle show, this is the original show that premiered when the park opened.   I thought it was a big production number with a large cast and some colorful costumes. It had a fair mix of Disney and Chinese feel to it.  The staging in front of the large Enchanted Storybook Castle with a bright blue sky looked awesome.  We really enjoyed the show. 

  • Mickey’s Storybook Express is the daytime character parade that rolls through the park.   It has a variety of characters from Disney as well as Pixar films as you would expect.  I thought opening with Casey Jr and closing with a caboose was fun.  The train theme is not present throughout though.  The Mulan unit was detailed and highlight.  The parade route is fairly long so finding a spot with a view was a not a big challenge.  I wanted one with a good angle and where no one could jump in front of me and that was a little more challenging.  

  • Ignite the Dream -
    • The best views of Ignite the Dream are from the Gardens of Imagination with a clear view of the castle to see the projections.   This means everyone tries to crowd in.  We found a spot in the center beyond the Carousel, so closer to Mickey Ave than the Castle.  The area was completely jammed with guests everywhere.   The crowd kept jostling for position before the show and during the show.   It was a constant flow of people moving, pushing, around us.   There was very little crowd control in the area.   Because of the constant movement and level ground we quickly learned we had chosen unwisely for a first viewing.  The experience we less than ideal.   I was able to see some projections and effects but it was a tough experience and others in the group were less than enthused to try and see the show again. 
    • As soon as the show ended the mass turned and moved toward the exit while the post show/exit sequence played.  We tried to watch a bit but gave up and joined the exit.   It seemed most were heading toward the Metro and a slightly smaller portion toward the parking lot and bus area.  We split the difference and walked out to the lake and caught the boat back. There were two boats running and ours filled probably just over halfway in about 5 minutes and pulled away so the other one could arrive.



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