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Visit Date: 6/07/24
Steps: 19,001
Parks Miles: 8.7
Time in Parks: 10


Trip Log:

Arrived at the Disneyland Resort around noon and was directed into a spot in the last aisle of the Goofy level. No wait at security or for a tram on my way to Disneyland. Made my way up Main Street USA and crossed paths with the Disneyland Band marching toward Town Square. Traveled through Adventureland and into New Orleans Square and Critter Country before doubling back to Frontierland to board the Mark Twain Riverboat for a cruise. Once back on shore stopped by the Golden Horseshoe then made my way back to Main Street USA to catch a performance by the Dapper Dans in Town Square. Crossed the Esplanade to Disney California Adventure and made my way to Cars Land for a bite to eat at Flo's. Then strolled through Avengers Campus and into Hollywood Land. Continued up the parade route to San Fransokyo Square then out to Paradise Gardens. Walked back through the Bay Area and through Grizzly Recreation Area to Hollywood Land to find a spot for Better Together A Pixar Pals Celebration (the parade). Crossed back to Disneyland in time to catch most of the nightly Flag Retreat Ceremony in Town Square. Then boarded a train to Toontown. Stopped by the Pixar Pals Playtime Party before heading into Toontown. Cartoon spin had a 20 min wait posted as I entered the queue. It was much longer than the posted time so took a few pictures then decided to exit (it was posted at 40 as I exited which seemed more accurate). Walked by the Matterhorn and Sleeping Beauty Castle on my way to Adventureland. The Tiki Room was just seating guests so stopped by to get a picture of the Pizza Planet truck. The Jungle Cruise had a 20 min wait posted but it looked to be just on the stairs, so I walked in and more or less just kept walking right onto a boat, so under 5 minutes. After my cruise walked through New Orleans Square and Frontierland before decided to head for Tomorrowland. The finale of Magic Happens was just passing through hub when I arrived in the area so waded through the parade crowd to reach Tomorrowland. Wait times were still longer than I was hoping for so boarded a Monorail for Downtown Disney. Took a look around and pulled up a seat to listen to the band. After their performance strolled through Downtown Disney, stopping at the LEGO store and the new Wonderground Gallery on my way back to Disney California Adventure. Took a look at Club Pixar in Hollywood Land then visited Avengers Campus. The Dr. Strange show was about to start so stood in the back and watched the show. Visited Cars Land and walked around the performance corridor on my way to Paradise Garden Park to find a spot for World of Color. Watched the Inside Out 2 Preshow and decided to leave to head for Disneyland for Better Together fireworks on Main Street USA. After the fireworks headed for the tram to the parking structure, found my car and headed for home. (Walking time 2:56 today)

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Note: These totals may be skewed because the pedometer is zero'd when we start and then left alone and read when we leave. So attractions, and other things may cause extra "steps" to be counted. The pedometer that we use basically measures up/down motion as a step, so if your standing in line and moving up and down it may be counting steps, etc.. so the total distances traveled and steps may be off.. so use these as rough distance comparisons between trips and they may not be accurate in terms of actual distance traveled.

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My Thoughts & Observations:

Hello Everyone!

This was my 13th visit to the parks this year. I had a very short picture list and a game plan to just roam around and see what opportunities arose. The weather started off overcast but by mid afternoon it had burned off and the skies were blue. Temps reached the 70s and cooled down to the mid 60s before I left. The clouds did roll back in as the sun set. The crowds were moderate, some wait times were slightly longer than usual but not summer busy yet. As evening came the parks became much more crowded with GradNite and normal Friday locals arriving.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • My parking luck was not the best today. Only a minor wait at the Ball Road light and no wait at the tollbooth. Was directed up to the 4th floor and it was slow going on the ramp as all cars merged into one lane and then onto the floor as I was directed right back to where I came from and parked in the 2nd furthest aisle from the escalators about 1/4 the way down. So it was a good walk. Adding to my not ideal luck was two large SUVs on either side of me so I am sure I got a new ding in my car. The spaces are just too small for Escalades, Yukons and Suburbans. Some CMs do direct them to be next to columns but most do not and if you get stuck in the middle like I did Friday it is less than ideal.
  • I had no delays at security or the tram so I arrived at the park quickly by Disneyland standards. Just over 15 minutes from exiting my car to stepping into the park. Still not a fan of the current bag check process as it is slow, with no line it was not bad but if there are people it is not efficient at all compared to Walt Disney World's scanners.
  • My first objective was to pick up a virtual queue spot for World of Color, which I was able to with only minor networking issues. Seems my cell did not want to connect from the entrance plaza, I switched to Wi-Fi which took a few seconds to connect but it did eventually.
  • Today I continued my Toy Story Alien Pizza Planet Delivery Truck quest adding another handful to my count. I also re-took pictures of a couple. I am at about 40 of the 50+ now.
  • Took a look at the Haunted Mansion projects in New Orleans Square. It is really hard to see progress with the few vantage points that are available of the project. You can see some shifts but nothing vertical yet. Disney has yet to share any official time line or projected opening date. Conventional wisdom is in time for Halloween Time which is the end of August for the queue and Mansion to reopen. The gift shop appears to be further behind.
  • Further along in Critter Country more scaffolding is down and details being added to the exterior of Tiana's Bayou Adventure. I was actually expecting more scaffolding to be gone since my visit a couple weeks ago. This visit I went for a ride on the train and you get a nice view into the land. The main walkway and former queue have all been removed and they are regrading it. Disneyland announced that the rest of Critter Country will be closing July 8th. The land will be closed at the bridge by Harbour Galley and at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. No re-opening date has been shared.
  • There was a Celebrate Soulfully sign out in front of the Golden Horseshoe that I did not recall seeing before. I ventured inside and there was a display set up on the stage featuring a couple information signs and then some props. I thought this was an interesting choice to put the display on the stage and reduce the entertainment offerings in the park even more. The piano player is no longer performing at the Golden Horseshoe.
  • Over at Disney California Adventure the former Blue Sky Cellar will be called - Golden Vine House - Disney Vacation Club Welcome Home Center. The building looks to be nearing completion with the lights on inside, details being added and scaffolding removed.
  • Across the performance corridor in San Fransokyo Square the Bakery Tour has reopened. I noticed no major changes, looks to be kitchen renovation. Some of the equipment looked new in there.
  • Stopped by the Paradise Garden Bandstand and listened to a performance by the Island Reggae Band. They put on an entertaining set with some well known music including some Lion King songs.
  • I decided to watch Better Together: A Pixar Pals Celebration! a few minutes before it was to start. I ended up finding a spot on Hollywood Blvd. right about the time it stepped off nearby on Sunset Blvd.. I had seen that Lightning McQueen joined the parade. There was no sight of him in the performance I saw though.
  • Over at Disneyland I stopped by the Pixar Pals Playtime Party about 45 minutes before it ended for the day. The stage show was going on, but not many other characters were out. I only spotted Luca when I walked up. They have reconfigured the dance floor since my last visit. The Bugs Life props have been relocated outside the theater and everything else seemed moved to the perimeter creating a large space in the center for the dance floor. This really opened up the area and gave those opting to dance much more space and those trying to watch a more clear line of sight. The crowd was thin. Luca was visiting with a handful of cast members so I wandered over and took a few pictures.
  • The Jungle Cruise has been on my list to visit in the day time but the wait times and my patience had not lined up. I saw it posted at 20 minutes so headed that way. It turned out to be a walk on which was great. There is no visible progress on the temple ruins, wonder if they are gone forever? I did succeed in finding the Pizza Planet truck, which looked great.
  • I had plenty of time and was taking my time to reach Downtown Disney. My timing was poor and I had to wade through the Magic Happens parade crowd though. I walked up the ramp and right onto a waiting train, always seems to happen when you are not in a hurry.
  • Downtown Disney security has shifted. The entrance that went straight west into the Disneyland Hotel has been walled off and removed. There is a new entrance to the south (toward the Pixar Place Hotel side of the lawn). This is the primary entrance for the Downtown Disney parking lot and for the hotels. There is no indication if the previous one will be returning. You would think there would be, maybe with a smaller footprint for the Disneyland Hotel guests. Most of the fences around the paving project have been removed and the area is wide open now.
  • On the construction walls Pixar Fest artwork is being created. So far two murals are completed and a third was in progress when I walked by. I thought this was a fun addition for the festival and a way to make the dead end look better.
  • The Wonderground Gallery has reopened in a new location (I have lost track of how many locations it has been in over the years). It is now in the former California Sole location near Naples. Its most recently location has become the Disney Dress shop and it appears the former dress shop is being taken over by an expanded Marcelines Confectionery.
  • The DJ and Dancers at Club Pixar no longer perform. The club is still open nightly with the other offerings. The stage has lights/projections but is otherwise not used it appears. The DJ location is still there but no lights on it. The area was sparse on Friday given there was nothing going on. Just some people enjoying a bench and some kids dancing nearby while their parents rested.
  • Last week it was announced that Dr. Strange: Mysteries of the Mystic Arts show in Avengers Campus will be closing the end of the month. I was walking by and a show was about to start so I found a spot to stand and watch since I had not seen the show in a while. I am not a big fan of the show. It has not repeatability for me. I hope a new show will take its place, but given the current trend that seems unlikely in the short term.
  • The Grad Nite season is coming to an end, only one more week of nights (June 9, 12 & 14). Those participating have three ticket options. The after hours party only ($114 for Fri), DCA and Party ($144) or Park Hopper & Party ($229), rates are slightly less for the weekday nights. I have said this before.. but I am a traditionalist and think the way they used to do Grad Nite was a better experience for those attending as well as day guests. The current mix in and transition to a party seems less than ideal.
  • The Golden Zephyr always seems to have lights out but Friday there were several full strings out.
  • Last week a new World of Color pre-show to promote Inside Out 2 started running. I always enjoy these new shows to see how they use the platform and how they choose to promote the film. They use a variety of effects including the large fire effect in this show and it is a fun way to kick off the show. Note this is a true pre-show and runs before the posted starting time, so World of Color - One starts at the posted time.
  • Since I had not seen the fireworks version of Together Forever from Main Street from a good vantage point I opted to leave right after the pre-show finished and as World Of Color - One was starting. Of course I encountered no delays on my way through DCA and over to Disneyland so I arrived on Main Street with a lot of time to spare. Started standing in a spot and it looked promising up until a few minutes before the lights were to go out. Kids started popping up on shoulders forming a wall blocking my view. There were a handful in my line of sight. By this point it was too late to really move so I decided to wait it out. I lucked out and most of those kids did not like the loud music and their parents were forced to bring them down and some left. A few minutes into the show all were clear of my sight line.
  • Together Forever - A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular with Fireworks was without anything on the wire tonight. No Buzz Lightyear or Up! House. The weather was ok so wonder if it was a technical problem? Or is this a new norm not to use them? Last time I was there there was nothing too but that was a projection only due to wind so I thought that may have been the reason that night.

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