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03/30/17 - Thoughts and observations from a full Thursday at the Disneyland Resort.
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03/30/17 - Thoughts and observations from a full Thursday at the Disneyland Resort.

Hello everyone,

I spent a long day at the Disneyland Resort on a rare non-holiday Thursday to play tour guide for some relatives. I arrived at the parking structure just before 7am and returned to the I-5 about 10pm. The parks both had spring break crowds meaning for mid week it felt crowded and the wait times peaked at well over an hour for many attractions in the afternoon. Even with the large crowd the combination of starting at rope drop, FastPass and some good timing we managed to visit everything on their list and then some at a fairly relaxing pace.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • As I arrived at the Mickey and Friends parking structure I was unsure what to expect for the day. It was early, before 7am and the sun was just rising. There were no delays or lines and I was quickly directed into a spot out in the Pinocchio lot. They had started filling the surface lot before the structure for regular parking. Preferred parking was being directed to the 5th floor of the structure. Having to walk from the structure around the tram route, through the structure to cross is not very convenient nor a nice first impression of the Disneyland Resort. It is too bad they did not come up with a better way to cross the tram route. Maybe someday there will be a more permanent solution.

  • Seeing the Star Wars construction site as the sun was rising was a different view for me. It made taking pictures and getting detail a challenge. Scanning across the site it appeared to be incremental progress from the parking structure vantage point with no major changes this week. Later in the afternoon I took a look from inside the park and the big changes occurred in Critter Country. The back section of riverbed and shoreline had been poured. Also new walls set up as they prepare to open a section of the new walkway so you can reach the lower level of the Hungry Bear from the main walkway and the temporary access can be removed. Also this change should bring in some light down there so you will not be eating in the dark environment all day.

  • Decided to start my day at Disney California Adventure. Buena Vista Street and the airfield opened about 20 minutes before rope drop. Most guests gathered waiting to enter, but some explored Buena Vista Street and others Soarin which had opened early too (but at reduced capacity for some reason). I thought the opening was a little chaotic. I do not understand why they did not start the queue for Racers FastPasses like they used to, instead they now let the mass go and try and funnel into the FastPass queue. For a long time they would start the line before rope drop so it was orderly and you knew what was going on.

  • Speaking of FastPasses no sign yet of when they may be starting out at Toy Story. Everything looks in place. The wait time sign was not working when we visited though.

  • I went to the first Frozen showing of the day (there are only three). The show still ran over an hour but it moved quicker than past showings. It has been a while and they have cut down the show a bit. Also no hiccups/stoppage this time.

  • Was surprised to see the Magical Map was dark Tues, Wed & Thurs this week. With the larger crowds I was expecting it to be running every day.

  • The Red Rose Taverne had a line stretching out to the main walkway. I took a quick look inside and noticed almost half the registers were not in use, this was leading to the backup. There were plenty of seats and it was not crowded inside.

  • The Jungle Cruise wait times were way off in the early evening. The app said 30 minutes and the posted sign 25 when we got in line. Most of the down stairs queue was not in use and we walked up stairs, circled around, then back down. It took less than 5 minutes. I like when the estimate is off in a favorable way but this was way off.

  • As the evening went on the park felt more crowded, but wait times faded a bit for some attractions. The walkways, especially at Disneyland, became very crowded as usual. At 8pm, 30 minutes before the parade, the now normal announcement saying all viewing areas are full was played.

  • While waiting to exit the Pinocchio Parking lot I had time to think.. I do not understand you are not direct you back through the structure to exit, and actively block/discouraged from doing so. Having to exit out to Magic Way and Disneyland Drive into the surface street traffic is not a pleasant way to end your evening. Now with all guests walking coming from Downtown Disney there is a near constant stream of tired guests crossing the street and parking lot. This makes it a bit of a challenge to get out of the parking area.

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