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Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea


At Tokyo Disneyland, around 40 types of special items will be available with designs of the “Usatama” characters and of the Disney Friends dressed as “Usatama Chasers.” During this period Guests can also find plush toys and cushions in the shape of the “Usatama” characters, as well as picnic mats and towels.

At Tokyo DisneySea, there will be about 35 types of items themed to “Fashionable Easter” including T- shirts and pass cases featuring designs of the Disney Friends as models elegantly walking down the runway, and many other items to enjoy spring in style. Available in both Parks will be Bunny Ears Headbands which this year come in four different colors so Guest can enjoy more choices to mix and match with friends and family. Also available are customizable hair tie options to create an original headband and a bunny tail accessory which looks equally cute as a tail or worn on your arm or bag. About 30 types of items that feature Easter egg designs with a Disney Character motif will also be available, including for the first time Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from the Disney film Zootopia and Nemo and Dory from the Disney・Pixar film Finding Nemo. Continuing from last year will be items that have a feminine appeal such as pastel-colored apparel and bags with designs of Miss Bunny, Thumper and other cute bunnies, as well as loungewear, hair accessories, and other items for everyday use. Notes: -Special merchandise will be available from April 3. -Special merchandise featuring Miss Bunny and Thumper will be available from March 18.


At Tokyo Disneyland, Guests can enjoy some Easter fun with a range of cute and colorful special menus. Eastside Cafe uses egg and bunny motifs for a special course that can only be enjoyed at Easter and at Sweetheart Cafe, Guests can have sandwiches in egg-shaped buns. Grandma Sara’s Kitchen will serve a special set which includes a main dish that looks like it is coming out of an egg, while The Gazebo will provide a take-out menu themed to the “Usatama” characters. Other locations will also offer menus with oval- shaped souvenirs that feature an egg motif.

At Tokyo DisneySea, restaurants will offer special menus with a stylish touch that are just right for spring. Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante features eggs, a symbol of Easter, in their special menu, and at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen, Guests can enjoy a special set which includes a sandwich served on a pink bun. Special cocktails will be available at Barnacle Bill’s and Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante, and there will also be menus with souvenirs that feature a bunny motif.

Note: Special menus will be available from April 3.

Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package

This online service is offering two- and three-day plans for Guests to enjoy "Disney's Easter" at both Parks. In addition to accommodations and Disney's FASTPASS® tickets that do not have specified times, the plans also include a Bunny Ears Headband in an original color exclusive to the Vacation Package plans. Please check the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation & Tickets website (https://reserve.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/top/) for more details. Merchandise and menu items are subject to change without notice. Also, some items will only be available while the supply lasts.

Disney Hotels

Guests can also enjoy "Disney's Easter" at the Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta and the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. During the special event period Guests staying at Disney Ambassador Hotel or Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will receive a gift bag which features a limited design of the Disney Friends in their spring costumes and the "Usatama" characters. Also available will be room keys and egg-shaped postcards with different designs exclusive to each hotel, and Guests staying at the Disney Ambassador Hotel can also enjoy a special egg hunt program. The restaurants and lounges will be serving special menus that feature dishes using colorful ingredients of the season and that are inspired by the Disney Friends having some Easter fun.

Disney Resort Line

Day pass tickets with two limited-period designs linked to "Disney's Easter" will be available, and at the Resort Gateway Station, decorations with Easter egg motifs will welcome Guests.

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