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Disney Hotels

From November 8 through December 25, the three Disney hotels inside Tokyo Disney Resort will offer a Christmas atmosphere in conjunction with the special events "Christmas Fantasy" at Tokyo Disneyland and "Christmas Wishes" at Tokyo DisneySea, which is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. Guests will be able to continue enjoying the fun of the Parks right at their hotel.

Again this year, the Disney Ambassador Hotel will offer guest rooms decorated for Christmas. The rooms will feature motifs of Christmas storybooks with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other Disney Friends.

The illuminations at the entrance to the Disney Ambassador Hotel will be new this year and feature a "Christmas tree" created from a spiral of movie film decorated with images of Mickey Mouse. Guests will be able to spend a Christmastime filled with wonder and fun that's only found at this hotel.

Getting a head start on the event, the restaurants at the hotels will start serving special holiday menus on November 1. Empire Grill (California cuisine) at the Disney Ambassador Hotel will serve dishes using Christmas ingredients and that look like snow has fallen on them.

At the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Sherwood Garden Restaurant (buffet) will offer dishes that let Guests enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, as well as bread and desserts that please the eye and the palate. Also celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year, the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta will offer dishes at Oceano (Mediterranean cuisine) that have motifs of Christmas trees and desserts inspired by crystals to enhance the Christmas event even more.

From December 20 through December 25, special full-course menus with luxurious ingredients will be offered at selected restaurants for Guests to enjoy with those special and dear to them.

Empire Dinner at Empire Grill, Disney Ambassador Hotel Buffet at Sherwood Garden Restaurant,
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Dinner Course at Oceano,
Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta


Disney Resort Line

From November 8 through December 25, one of the Disney Resort Line monorail trains will feature hand straps with a Christmas design. To heighten the holiday mood, the four monorail stations will be decked out for the holidays with Christmas illuminations and other decorations.

Furthermore, day pass tickets will be available in two designs, one based on the Tokyo Disneyland special event "Christmas Fantasy" and the other on the Tokyo DisneySea special event "Christmas Wishes." These tickets will be sold at each monorail station.


Ikspiari will hold the special holiday event "Ikspiari Christmas Town" from November 8 through December 25. The event is produced with "White Santa," who has been involved in Christmases at Ikspiari since the year it opened. Dressed all in white, he
loves to entertain people and he has prepared holiday illuminations, Christmas workshops, special live entertainment and more for everyone to enjoy.

Within the "town," the shops will offer merchandise just right for Christmas gifts and the restaurants will serve special menus for a limited period only.

Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package

This online service (Japanese language only) is offering the "Enjoy the Disney Christmas at Both Parks for 2 Days" plan which includes accommodations at a Disney or other hotel, tickets to view the Christmas entertainment at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, Disney FASTPASS® tickets that do not have specified times, and other benefits. This plan allows Guests to enjoy the Christmas event at both Parks as much as they wish. Please see the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation & Tickets website (https://reserve.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/top/) for details.

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