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Tokyo DisneySea Special Event "Disney's Halloween"

Entertainment Programs
The Villains World: Wishes and Desires
Location: Mediterranean Harbor
Duration: About 25 minutes
Performances: 2 daily
Number of Performers: About 120
Number of barges: 5

It's Halloween, that time of the year when strange things happen, even during the "Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes." In the eerie atmosphere, the Disney Villains are hosting a Halloween party at the Park again this year. The villains have prepared their presentations just for this occasion to impress the other Disney Characters and Guests. To make the party even more surprising, the villains have sent invitations to Mickey Mouse and the Disney Friends. Wondering what kind of Halloween party it will be, Mickey Mouse and his Disney Friends decide to attend dressed in costumes inspired by the Disney Villains as a sign of respect for their hosts.

As an eerie narration is heard announcing the start of the Halloween party, five barges with the Disney Villains arrive at Mediterranean Harbor. From the center of the harbor, Maleficent introduces the Disney Friends who are their special guests. After Mickey Mouse and the others appear on the barges, Maleficent powerfully proclaims the opening of the Halloween party. The Villains show off their unique attributes in an impressive performance and are joined by the Disney Friends. As they all celebrate the Park's 15th Anniversary, Maleficent uses her magical power to heighten the excitement of the party for a glorious finale.

The five barges carrying the Disney Villains and the Disney Friends:

Barge Disney Villains Disney film that the Disney Villains appear in Invited Disney Friends
1 The Queen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Minnie Mouse
2 Captain Hook Mr. Smee Peter Pan Mickey Mouse Pluto
3 Hades Pain, Panic Hercules Donald Duck Chip, Dale
4 Jafar Aladdin Goofy
5 Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Clarice
Ursula The Little Mermaid Daisy Duck

Description of the six major Disney Villains in the show in order of their appearance (Disney film titles shown in parentheses):

  • The Queen (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs): The beautiful queen who changes into a witch to give Snow White a poison apple.
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan): Peter Pan's sworn enemy, the notorious hook-handed captain of a pirate ship.
  • Hades (from Hercules): The cool-headed Lord of the Underworld with ambitions to become the ruler of Olympus.
  • Jafar (from Aladdin): The royal vizier who wields a magic staff and plots to take over as sultan of Agrabah.
  • Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty): The powerful, evil fairy who put a curse on Princess Aurora and can transform into a dragon.
  • Ursula (from The Little Mermaid): The sea witch with who wants to usurp King Triton's position.

Special Program

Casbah Magical Treat (Arabian Coast) At Casbah Food Court, which has been decorated with motifs inspired by Jafar, Shaban and his assistant Asim from The Magic Lamp Theater attraction as well as servants of Jafar will entertain Guests with various feats of magic. And in the palace courtyard, Shaban and Asim from The Magic Lamp Theater, a suspicious-looking practitioner of black magic and some of the best magicians from Arabian Coast have a competition over magic. Guests are sure to enjoy this magical atmosphere entertainment.

Other Entertainment

Atmosphere entertainment in other areas of the Park will feature recruiters working for the Disney Villains who approach Guests to show how wonderful the Villains are. Other loyal servants of the Disney Villains will check what the Guests are wearing and give them advice so that the Guests can dress themselves in a proper villain's way.

Note: Entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions, etc.

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