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Tokyo Disneyland Special Event

Sairyo Kabu


  • Sairyo Kabu
  • Venue: Forecourt and Plaza
  • Performances: 3 daily (daytime only)
  • Duration: About 20 minutes

Themed to a Japanese festival, this program builds to a climax through the Disney Friends' exhilarating dancing amid a torrent of water showering down on everyone. Unlike in previous years when the Disney Friends were in competing dance teams, this year they combine into one team to make "Disney Natsu Matsuri" even more exciting. The team is made up of four groups. Chip, Dale and Clarice are in the "Sai" (color) group; Goofy and Max in "Ryo" (coolness); Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck in "Hana" (flower); and Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto in "Yubu" (heroic dance). With new costumes and music, they show off their new dance performance.

Each group, riding on a colorful float, arrives at the Castle Forecourt in front of Cinderella Castle and the show begins. With water spraying from the floats, they make their way around the parade route in a festive way. At the finale, the groups converge at the Castle Forecourt. As water pours down all around, the unique dance styles of the four groups heat up the show and draw in all the Guests to join the Disney Friends in an exhilarating dance.

Participating Groups:

Group Name Disney Character Team Members
Sai Chip, Dale, Clarice
Ryo Goofy, Max
Hana Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck
Yubu Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto

Notes: The floats of the four groups will spray water both in front of Cinderella Castle and along the Parade Route. Reserved seat tickets (free) are required to view this show from the Central Viewing Area in front of Cinderella Castle. Tickets available by lottery.


About 35 different types of special merchandise with designs of the Disney Friends as they appear in "Sairyo Kabu" will be available this summer. Besides T-shirts, shorts, head towels, fans and other items to wear or use in the Park while enjoying the festival, Guests will find Japanese products like "tenugui" towels and "kinchaku" pouch sets. In addition, confections like lemon jellied desserts with "kuzukiri" noodles that are perfect for summer will be sold.

Around 20 different types of merchandise will be sold at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Ponchos, tote bags and beach sandals designed with Mickey Mouse-like water drops, as well as body wipe sets and sunscreen, are sure to be popular summer items used both inside and outside the Parks.

Note: Sales of special merchandise will start on July 8. Supplies of special merchandise are limited, so some items may sell out.

T-Shirt (1,900-2,900 yen) sold at Grand Emporium


Inspired by the four groups of "Sairyo Kabu," special food items that are perfect for the hot summer will be on offer.

Inspiration Menu Item Restaurant
Sai Special set with colorful Japanese-style pizza Captain Hook’s Galley
Ryo Special set with refreshing white hot dog Refreshment Corner
Hana Chilled crepes Café Orléans
Yubu Special set with a fried cutlet sandwich in Mickey-shaped bread Tomorrowland Terrace

In addition, the Disney Friends appearing in "Sairyo Kabu" will be featured on souvenir cups. Also, for the first time, souvenir popcorn cases will be sold. At Restaurant Hokusai, a special menu with Chirashi-zushi and souvenir chopsticks will be available.

Note: Most special menus will be available starting July 1; however, some will be available from July 8.


Tokyo Disneyland will be decorated with banners, parasols and Japanese lanterns inspired by "Sairyo Kabu" to heighten the Disney atmosphere of this Japanese summer festival. In the Plaza in front of Cinderella Castle will be festive photo locations of the Disney Friends as they appear in "Sairyo Kabu."


Both Disney Ambassador® Hotel and Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel will offer special menus inspired by "Disney Natsu Matsuri." Empire Grill (California cuisine) in Disney Ambassador Hotel will offer dishes reflecting the season, while all of the restaurants will offer special menus inspired by the summer event. At Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, special menus inspired by the event and by Japan will be offered at Sherwood Garden Restaurant (buffet) and Dreamers Lounge (lobby lounge).

Note: The special menus will be available starting July 8.

Empire Dinner at Empire Grill

Buffet menu at Sherwood Garden Restaurant (Concept image)

Afternoon Tea Set at Dreamers Lounge

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