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Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary

Tokyo DisneySea Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary with "The Year of Wishes"

From April 15, 2016, through March 17, 2017

URAYASU, CHIBA— Tokyo Disney Resort® announced that to mark the 15th anniversary of the grand opening of Tokyo DisneySea® Park, a major celebration will be held at the Park from April 15, 2016, through March 17, 2017, entitled "Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes."

Tokyo DisneySea opened on September 4, 2001 as the only Disney Park themed to the sea. The theme of the Park's 15th anniversary is "wishes." "Wishes" are people's dreams for the future and give a feeling of hope and excitement. During the anniversary celebration, crystals of various colors symbolizing individual wishes will decorate the Park. These "Crystals of Wishes," will also be worn by Mickey Mouse and the Disney Friends. The crystal worn by Minnie Mouse is red which represents her wish for love. The crystal worn by Donald Duck, which symbolizes friendship, is blue and Goofy's wish for energy is represented by a green crystal. The various wishes represented by all the crystals form a clear crystal worn by Mickey Mouse.

Premiering on April 15, the opening day of the anniversary celebration, will be "Crystal Wishes Journey," a brand new show to be presented at Mediterranean Harbor exclusively during the anniversary period. The Disney Characters, each with their own wish, will appear in this show that celebrates the start of the Guests' journeys of adventure, sparkling with hope.

Also on the first day of the celebration, a new version of "Big Band Beat," the popular show presented at the Broadway Music Theatre, will debut with new music, costumes and scenes, and the leader of the band, Goofy, showing his singing and dancing skills. Guests can also enjoy the rhythmical dance performance by Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in their new costumes. Re-imagined for the first time since it opened in July 2006, the show will feature new elements, while retaining all the excitement of the original production.

On July 9, a brand new musical show "Out of Shadowland" will premiere at the Hangar Stage in Lost River Delta. This colorful show with an original story created Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wishes specifically for the Hangar Stage will incorporate vivid images and powerful, moving live performances as dynamic scenes unfold leading Guests to a world never experienced before.

Also, a new greeting program will have Mickey Mouse and his Disney Friends wearing their special 15th anniversary costumes and riding on one of the Big City Vehicles to greet Guests in American Waterfront. And from April 15, Guests can also enjoy "Sky High Wishes," the new fireworks spectacular accompanied by the 15th anniversary theme song.

Along with the new entertainment, various places around the Park will also invite Guests to feel the excitement of this milestone year celebrating the start of a new journey. At the DisneySea AquaSphere, inside the Park's entrance, there will be a photo location that shows the Disney Friends setting sail on a fantastical ship featuring a large "Crystal of Wishes." Also, each themed port will have a "Crystal Point" which will emit light and sound when touched with a "Crystal Compass," a special merchandise item.

Other special merchandise and menu items just for the 15th anniversary will feature a motif of Mickey Mouse, the Disney Friends and the "Crystals of Wishes," adding more excitement to the "The Year of Wishes."

The Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta®, will also celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2016. In addition to the festive decorations for the hotel interior, a variety of programs will be offered to celebrate this milestone year. The Disney Resort Line will also celebrate its 15th year of operations, and two of its monorail trains will feature special designs themed to "The Year of Wishes."

Guests booking a Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package® will be able to enjoy various benefits limited to the special event period.

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