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Plush Toys 5,000 yen each / Plate 5,500 yen / Thimble 2,900 yen

Special Merchandise

Approximately 230 different types of special merchandise developed for the 15th anniversary will go on sale during the special event period. These include items with a design depicting Mickey Mouse and the Disney Friends setting sail on their journey to make wishes shine, as well as items with a motif of the Disney Friends and their "Crystals of Wishes."

"Crystal Compass," (3,000 yen with tax included) inspired by compasses used as a navigation tool, is a fun item for Guests to enjoy as they journey through the Park to make their wishes shine. Each themed port will have a "Crystal Point" which will emit light and sound in reaction to a Guest's wish when touched with this special merchandise item. The "Crystal Compasses" will also light up when used while viewing "Fantasmic!," the nighttime spectacular presented at Mediterranean Harbor.

Various T-shirts 1,900 to 2,900 yen / Fun Cap 3,000 yen / Head Band 1,700 yen / Fashion Sunglasses 2,000 yen

Also available are T-shirts and bag charms designed with the Disney Characters and their "Crystals of Wishes." Guests can coordinate these special event items as they wish, and enjoy the anniversary year with their friends and families.

(front) Pass Holder 1,900 yen each / (middle) Pouch 2,200 yen each / (back) Tote Bag 3,600 yen each

Additional merchandise will include bags, accessories and other items featuring artworks depicting various scenes from the Disney films that are themed to wishes. One such scene is from the Disney film The Little Mermaid, in which the film's main character Ariel wishes to become human.
Also available during this event period will be 15th anniversary-limited Duffy merchandise.

Note: Special merchandise will be sold starting April 11, 2016.
Duffy merchandise will be sold starting April 7, 2016.


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