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Visit Date: 3/27/15
Steps: 26,012
Parks Miles: 9.8
Time in Parks: 9


Trip Log:

Started off this summerish day parking in the Mickey and Friends Structure then boarding a waiting tram to the parks. Made my way to Disneyland and wandered around Main Street USA. The 2015 character egg hunt kicked off today so I spent a good portion of my trip locating the 24 eggs (12 in Disneyland and 12 in Disney California Adventure). Made my way to the hub and into Frontierland. Went to check the FastPass distribution for Fantasmic. It was for the second show so I skipped it and returned to Sleeping Beauty Castle by way of Fantasyland to check out the 60th Anniversary decoration progress. After circling the Castle headed for Tomorrowland. Passed by the theater and soon to be closed Innoventions and headed up to the Monorail Platform. Two were running so it was a short wait this afternoon. After my round trip voyage walked around the Matterhorn and out to Small World and into Toontown. Walked around and then back through Fantasyland to the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree to check out the latest egg creations. After taking my fill of pictures continued on down the Trail to Frontierland. The Mark Twain had just pulled in so I waited a minute then boarded for a cruise around the Rivers of America. Once back at port strolled along the Rivers of America and out to the Haunted Mansion. Circled back through New Orleans Square and the Adventureland. Walked around the Castle some more and then a quick walk through Fantasy Faire and then through Fantasyland, by Small World again and then back down the parade route. Stopped by to pick up an egg map for a friend and then their prize and then headed over to Disney California Adventure. Roamed around Buena Vista Street and then stopped by the Smokekumpers Grill. Walked down the parade route and stopped by Bugs Land then continued on to Cars Land before ending up in the Wharf. Grabbed some food from the Wharf Cafe and decided to go eat out by Flos. After dinner wandered around Cars Land and then passed through Fliks and passed by the Tower of Terror. Took a quick look in the gift shop letting the exiting crowd from the Hyperion pass by then took Sunset Blvd to Hollywood Blvd and back to Buena Vista Street. Walked around the area a bit then took the parade route out to Paradise Pier. Circled the Bay in a clockwise fashion and then walked through the Bay Area and around Grizzly River Run. Passed through the Grand Californian on my way to Downtown Disney. Continued out to the Disneyland Hotel and circled the pool area before making my way back through Downtown Disneyto Disney California Adventure. Stopped by the Animation Building to sit for a bit and do some email then passed through Freeze the Night before heading back to Disneyland. Roamed around Main Street USA and Sleeping Beauty Castle before passing through Frontierland and the waiting crowd for Fantasmic. Decided to try standby again and ended up watching some of the show from the walkway near the Haunted Mansion then some from New Orleans Square before returning to Main Street for Fantasy in the Sky fireworks. After the show headed for the tram and managed to walk right onto a waiting tram (an advantage of being a party of 1) and returned to the garage, found my car, and headed for home to call it a night.

Other Interesting Stats:
* Moderate Walking Stats (meaning over 2.5mph): 17,929 steps, 158 minutes.

For Comparisons to other trips or more park miles click here to visit our park Miles Section.

Note: These totals may be skewed because the pedometer is zero'd when we start and then left alone and read when we leave. So attractions, and other things may cause extra "steps" to be counted. The pedometer that we use basically measures up/down motion as a step, so if your standing in line and moving up and down it may be counting steps, etc.. so the total distances traveled and steps may be off.. so use these as rough distance comparisons between trips and they may not be accurate in terms of actual distance traveled.

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My Thoughts & Observations:

Hello everyone,

Friday was a nice summer day in the parks. Temps were pushing 90 degrees when I arrived and it cooled down into the 70s by the time I left (and low 60s when I reached home). Crowds were average summerish too. A fair number of guests but not unreasonable. It seems as if the spring break masses have yet to materialize and cause extremely long waits. The walkways felt crowded again at times but wait times were under an hour for most attractions the entire evening. I think the hot weather helped to keep the crowds down and maybe some passholders away.

logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Parking this week was substantially easier thanks to the Ball Road overpass still being open when I arrived. I was able to take it and go right into the garage which had no wait at all. It appeared they had the regular entrance on Disneyland Drive blocked off and were diverting incoming cars around toward Toy Story or other lots.

  • The 2015 egg-stravaganza kicked off Friday and runs through April 5th. This is the character egg hunt that takes place around Easter. There are 12 eggs in each park. You purchase a map and stickers for $4.95 plus tax (no discounts) and you receive a prize egg to go with it. As you walk around the park you locate a character egg and put their sticker on the map to indicate you found it.

    I think the egg hunts are a great extra and not overly expensive either. I saw quite a few guests of all ages playing in both parks. Also several guests asking about the quest. This year to avoid one of the problems from last year they were encouraging guests to pick up their prize in the afternoon before embarking on their quest, last year in the evening the redemption line was very long many evenings. This seemed to work well.

    I was really surprised there were no Frozen tie ins this year. The eggs and prizes were the same as last year. The maps had been tweaked and the location of the eggs in the park were new. As with previous years some were easy and some were more challenging. Others really depending on which way you walked into the area. I did not purchase the maps so it was a little more challenging for me. If you want another level of hardship try it at night! They are not lit up.

    There is also an egg hunt going on at Epcot in Walt Disney World, with the same prizes.

  • Sleeping Beauty Castle continues to receive props/decorations for the 60th Anniversary. As I walked around I spotted cords and what appeared to be lights under the new covering so I believe that confirms it will light up at night in some fashion. So far I am not overly impressed. It looks a bit overdone to me. But it is not done so we will have to wait and see. If nothing else it will be better than what Walt Disney World got for the 25th Anniversary (that was the bright pink castle cake!). I am not a big fan of changing the icon for a park.. what is wrong with some other sort of display and leave the traditional icons alone, this goes for giant wands too. Over at Disney California Adventure I did not spot any work on the Carthay Circle Restaurant yet.. it will also be receiving some decorations for the 60th.

  • I spent some time at the Springtime Roundup checking out the latest egg creations. They were impressive as usual. If you are in the park during the next few weeks stop by and check out the artwork and visit with the talented artists. The character meet and greet lines were reasonable again, slightly longer than last week though.

  • The Grizzly Peak Airfield is receiving large trees and a crane is on site for the installation. From the Monorail the trees look great. It is really going to change the feel of the area. I had a couple of readers ask and the official word from Disney is the airfield will reopen Summer 2015. Many are taking this to mean by the May 22 kickoff for the 60th anniversary.

  • The Spring edition of the Buena Vista Bugle is on Newsstands now. As always it has a fun assortment of articles highlighting the latest happenings around the park. Including Springtime activities and Smokejumpers Grill. If you are unfamiliar with the publication it is a free (yes FREE) souvenir that is out on Buena Vista Street. The news stand locations vary from time to time but check the Red Stops or Chamber of Commerce. They also usually have stacks out along the windows in the Cafe. If you want your paper to date stamped stop by the Chamber of Commerce and they will do it for you. It is a fun keepsake and you cannot beat the price.

  • I tried for a FastPass for the first Fantasmic show of the evening and they were long gone around 1pm when I stopped by, someday I will succeed. I knew I was not staying till the second so I skipped it and walked through the area just before show time. As with previous walkthroughs there seemed to be a fair amount of space in the reserved areas and the standby was more crowded. Also I did not see any signage to help guide you to the standby areas either. I still think it is poor they do not have a way to backfill the reserved space/FastPass space near show time so more guests can have a better view of the show. For example the stroller parking area near Haunted Mansion was nearly empty.. maybe a single row of guests in it.. where as behind it in the walkway/standby it was 10 people deep. I think it is really a disservice to standby guests and an under utilization of space. Plus cast members spend a good portion of their time yelling at/firmly asking guests to leave and not go under ropes or block walkways. Not a good way to end your evening not being able to see a signature show and getting spoken to loudly. I really hope at some point this gets adjusted. I did hear/read the dessert package is not going to return when the Hungry Bear reopens. In the two locations I watched the show from families came up next to me, tried to see the show then grew frustrated and moved on over the objections of their children.

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