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Construction Progress :

The construction progress section lets you track the progress of various construction and rehab projects around the parks & beyond. Each trip I make to the park I add pictures to the section and over the months/years of the construction you can literally watch the project come to life.

If you have some images to share or a comment drop us an email at disneygeek@disneygeek.com

For full picture sets visit the Disneyland Picture Section

Currently Active Projects:
  • Villas @ Disneyland Hotel (9/15/23)
    A new Disney Vacation Club Tower is being constructed near the Frontier Tower and Monorail Slides. This tower is scheduled to open September 28, 2023. Also as part of this projec the three towers are being repainted.

  • Paradise Pier to Pixar Place Hotel (8/18/23)
    The Paradise Pier Hotel is being renovated and reimagined as the Pixar Place Hotel.

  • Downtown Disney West Side Project (9/15/23)
    The west side of Downtown Disney will be redone. The AMC, Earl of Sandwich and Starbucks building will be demolished and a new structure build in its place.

  • Tiana's Bayou Adventure (9/15/23)
    Splash Mountain closed May 30, 2023 and walls went around the attraction so crews can re-Imagine it into the new attraction slated to open in 2024.

Completed - Disneyland Projects:
  • Pacific Wharf to San Fransokyo Square Transformation (8/18/23)
    At the D23 Expo in September 2022 it was announced that the Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure will receive a Big Hero 6 transformation and become San Fransokyo Square with officially opening August 31st.

  • Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway and Mickey's Toontown (3/17/23)
    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway opened on January 27, 2023, the rest of Mickey's Toontown opened March 19th. The attraction itself is a clone of the Walt Disney World version that opens in 2020 but this version features an extended/detailed queue. Mickey's Toontown is also being renovated and reconfigured as part of this project. The streets are being redone and new lawns are being added so the land will be less concrete.

  • Downtown Disney - North Side (Parking Lot Project) (9/11/22)
    The former Downtown Disney parking lot on the north side that has most recently been used as cast member parking is being renovated with new landscaping, planters and pavement fixes.

  • Avengers Campus (3/05/20)
    Avengers Campus will be coming to Disney California Adventure with the first phase originally opening in 2020, but delayed until 2021 due to the pandemic . This project was first announced in March 2018. In August 2019 the name was revealed at the D23 Expo. Here is the original press release initial press release

  • Pixar Pals Parking Structure & Western Gateway Arrivial Experience(2/28/20)
    Announced in 2017 the Pixar Pals Parking Structure added 6,500 more spaces. A new tram stop and walkway to Downtown Disney with a bridge over Magic Way as well as a second set of elevators are being added to the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure. The Pixar Pals structure opened for guest parking on June 30, 2019. The new tram and security stop opened on June 23, 2019. The parking structure is adjacent to the Mickey and Friends on the former Pinocchio parking lot. The tram plaza/drop off area reopened on Friday September 13, 2019. As part of the project a pedestrian bridge over Magic Way and walkways to Downtown Disney were added and opened on September 13, 2019.

  • Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (AKA Star Wars Land) (5/17/19)
    Announced opening by reservation only on May 31, 2019 with the Rise of the Resistance attraction opening at a later date and non reservation opening is June 23, 2019.

    It has transformed the Rivers of America, the northern part of Frontierland and Backstage. To make way for the project the Big Thunder Ranch area was removed. Backstage the Circle D Ranch and several support facilities are being relocated.

  • Rivers of America
    • 2010 (Re-opened May 8, 2010) - In January 2010 the Rivers were drained for routine upkeep.
    • 2003 (Re-opened 4/18/03)- In early 2003 the Rivers of America were drained and some rehab work performed. Here are some shots of the river without water.

  • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage(Opened June 11, 2007)
    Announced July 15, 2005 Nemo and Friends will be taking over the old Sub Lagoon in a new attraction to open June 11, 2007. Following the construction from the abandon lagoon of 2003 through the draining in 2005 and construction till opening in 2007. Including the changes to the monorail platform and Autopia queue.
  • Disneyland Before/After(2004-05)
    A handful of before and After shots of some 50th Anniversary preparation work at Disneyland.

  • Offline Sections:

    • King Arthur Carrousel (Re-opened on 2/14/03)
      This Disneyland classic went down for a major refurbishment in 2002. This series of shots shows the dismantling and reconstruction.
    • Tom Sawyer Island (Completed pictures from 7/4/03)
      The play area of the Island is still being re-done. The bridges and front half of the Island are open.

Completed - Disney California Adventure Projects:


  • Disney's California Adventure Projects
    In 2007 Disney announced an extreme makeover to California Adventure. This is a multi-year program to address many of the issues. The makeover started in the opening of Toy Story Mania in 2008 and will continue through the opening of Cars Land in 2012.

    • Paradise Pier Work - Paradie Gardens Dining Area & Goofy's Sky School (Officially Opened July 1, 2011)
      I was not sure what to call this area, but it encompasses everything from the Little Mermaid project around to the parade gate. This includes the original Pizza Mow Mow, SS Rustworthy, Burger Invasion, and Mulholland Madness. In 2011 a new set of dining options and Goofys Sky School will be taking over the area. Also included are shots of the Corn Dog Castle and gift shop area.
    • The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Undersea Adventure (Official opened June 3, 2011)
      The Little Mermaid dark ride is taking over much of the space from the old Bay's old restrooms, through Golden Dreams and toward the Souvineer stand. This is the narrow track of land that runs parallel to the new Grand Californian DVC wing. Construction walls went up in May 2009 as the project got under way.
      • Opening Ceremony Pictures (June 2, 2011) - Pictures from the opening celebration including Jodi Benson, Alan Menken, and more. Here is a video of the show too.

      • Ride Through(May 27, 2011) - The afternoon of Friday they 27th they opened the attraction for a general public preview/soft opening. I was at the park and here are pictures from this preview. I was able to ride three times and have combined the pictures. For a video of my first ride through click here

      • Little Mermaid Construction (Through May 20, 2011) - Construction from demolition of the Golden Dreams building through the CM previews of the Little Mermaid attraction.

    • Paradise Pier Work - Park (former Maliboomer site) (Through April 15, 2011 -- not sure if this is done or not... it appears no more work is going on)
      In September 2010 walls went up around the Maliboomer attraction and removal started. The area will be converted into a park that is slated to open in Spring 2011. On April 1st the main walkway reopened revealing a good portion of the new park.

    • World of Color - Premiered Friday June 11, 2010. Below are three groupings of pictures as this show nears completion.
      • World of Color Premiere (June 10, 2010) - The Premiere celebration including coverage of the Blue Carpet arrivials, the opening ceremony, and several shots from the show.

      • World of Color Public Premiere (June 11, 2010) - Includes a look at the Carnival of Color and the first public showing of World of Color.

      • World of Color Construction Summary (Through May 28, 2010) - A cliff note edition to the construction. The main construction one below is just over 2,900 pictures.. this version is a broader look at the work and is at just over 100 shots.

      • Walt Disney's World of Color - Construction (Through May 28, 2010) - Slated to premiere on June 11, 2010
        We start following this new night time lagoon show in 2007 with a sighting of some survey work and then some test equipment in the Bay at Disney's California Adventure.

      • Walt Disney's World of Color - Testing (Through May 21, 2010) - Slated to premiere on June 11, 2010
        As construction/installation nears completion this section takes a look at the test/adjust work that we have seen starting in December 2009 and continuing up until show opening.

    • Paradise Pier Work - Orange Stinger Transformation to Silly Symphony Swings (Re-opened May 28, 2010)
      In mid July 2009 the Orange Stinger was shut down in preparation for its transformation to the Silly Symphony Swings. In late 2008 through Spring 2009 you can see the preparation work at the base of the Orange peel.

    • Drained Paradise Bay (Through November 21, 2008) - The Bay was refilled in November 2009.
      Since I had so many pictures and they will impact many different projects, here is a look at the drained Paradise Bay. Including some before shots of the lagoon.

    • Paradise Pier Work - Sun Wheel Transformation to Mickey's Fun Wheel
      (Reopened May 4, 2009 includes shots of my first visit 5/15)
      The first major phase will be a make-over to the Paradise Pier section of the park. The Sun Wheel closed in October 2008 and the Midway Games in November. Including some before shots of the Sun Wheel.

    • Paradise Pier Work - Screamin (Through April 17, 2009 - Attraction is still open during the work so far - no work since then.)
      In the Spring of 2009 the giant Mickey near the loop on California Screamin was removed to make way for a new sign. This phase was completed in April 2009.

    • Paradise Pier Work - Midway Games to Games of the Boardwalk (Opened April 7, 2009)
      The first major phase will be a make-over to the Paradise Pier section of the park. The Midway Games closed in November 2008 and reopened in April 2009. This section includes some before shots of the Midway games and then shots from my first visit to them on April 17, 2009

    • Toy Story Mania (Opened June 17,2008 pictures through the Annual Pass Holders Preview on June 9, 2008)
      Construction on this still unannounced attraction began in October 2006. With the official announcement coming on January 26, 2007 that the new attraction opened on June 17, 2008. (Click here to read the press release)

  • Disney's California Adventure Backlot Project(Through December 25, 2005 - Completion)
    This project started in the Fall of 2005 with a rennovation of the courtyard in front of the soon to open Monsters Inc attraction and the Muppet Vision Theater. Other projects include a new sign on the Animation Building and some general paint work going on in the area. This project wrapped up and was open for the Christmas week. Now we include some before and after shots in this selection.

  • The Tower of Terror (Opened May 5, 2004)
    Tower opened on May 5, 2004 at Disney's California Adventure Park.


Completed - Other Disney Projects:
  • Disneyland Hotel Remodel (March 2, 2012) - Officially Completed January 20, 2012 (but finishing touches continued till March)
    In March 2009 we spotted some paint samples and room tests for the Disneyland Hotel Remodel. In late 2009 they announced all the towers will be rennovated. In 2010 it was announced a new pool complex and waterslide would be taking over for the waterfalls and shops. Click here for the press release
  • Aulani - Disney Vacation Club - Hawaii (Through August 30, 2011) - Opened August 29, 2011
    Disney's Hawaiian property, Aulani, is 21-acres on the western side of Oahu in the Ko Olina Resort area. The resort includes 250 hotel rooms and 480 DVC villas. Plus pictures of the resort model that was at the D23 Expo.

    The Press Release from the Ground Breaking can be found here

  • Grand Californian - Disney Vacation Club Expansion (Opened September 23, 2009)
    We start following this yet to be announced expansion of the Grand Californian which will include a new wing with Disney Vacation Club units. Construction started in August 2007. In the March 26th update I have shots of the model rooms. For pictures of the opening ceremony and a tour click here For a Press Release of the opening click here
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