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12/16/05 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays visit to the Disneyland Resort.
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12/16/05 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays visit to the Disneyland Resort.

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Hello all,

What a great day at the Disneyland Resort. The weather was on the cool side but not cold. The crowds were heavy but not as bad as "advertised". We had no real agenda or objective other than playing around with a new camera and trying to learn to use it. As you saw in the pictures I did not do too bad for the first time out with it. I was anticipating heavy crowds, based on our last two visits and the construction sign near the M&F garage did not disappoint. it said Happy Holidays then flashed to Disneyland Full. As soon as I drove into the garage I had to stop due to the line of cars to get in. Every lane appeared to be open but the line still backed up to nearly the entrance. After being fairly warned by the CM and the other sign that Disneyland was full I was expecting a jammed crowd. worse than the past two trips. Entered DCA first and found a lot of guests but not a large crowd. Soarin was under an hour as was Screamin. Tower was only 13 minutes, well less actually. So headed over to Disneyland expecting wall to wall people and was greeted with a suprise.. a lot of guests but not gridlock. Lines seemed to be about average for a busy day but not a super busy day. Haunted Mansion was between 30-45 minutes. Small World was well under 30 minutes every time we went by. Buzz around 30. Indy under an hour. Pirates about 15-20. So not bad. The park did get much more crowded for Remember, but not the gridlock like last week.


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  • Not much new to comment on this week. With only a week between visits not that much has changed. I do think Disney was ready for a large crowd this week and either it did not materialize or the crowd control measures did the trick. A couple examples. One is DCA was kept open until 10pm and there was a performance of the Electrical Parade, this helped to stem the sudden influx of guests as the park closed. After the second Christmas Fantasy Parade the crowd control barriers started to appear around the park such as ropes that encircled the hub area to keep the walkways and guests lining up for Remember separate, the benches in Frontierland that normally form the walkway seemed to be even more numerous. There seemed to be CMs everywhere helping to direct guests and keep the crowd moving. This seemed to work as the lead up to the fireworks did not seem to have the total gridlock of last week. After the show ended and nearly everyone started for the exits some gridlock surfaced as some guests were trying to get back into the park while the masses were trying to leave. We got stuck for a couple minutes then a CM climbed up a tree and yelled something and waved his arms then all of a sudden the crowd seemed to move and we were able to work our way to the backstage walkway on the west side of the street again and exit the park. One suggestion we have is that they make an announcement before the start of the show asking guests who are going to head back into the park to use the east side of the street (in other words keep to your right just like when your driving). Other than that its just patience and some common sense on the part of guests to weather these large crowds.

  • While roaming the resort we decided to give the Virtual Magic Kingdom Holiday Quest a try (you download the questions from the vmk website http://www.vmk.com). We found the questions on this one to be really challenging and quite fun. This was the most fun we have had doing an in park quest and I think we have done almost all of them over the past several months. For those of you visiting the parks I would recommend giving it a try.. (WDW has one too).

  • Concluded our visit watching Remember and the Snow fall on Main Street. The snow effect worked great and it looked as if a mini blizzard hit the park, guess the temperatures and wind were perfectly aligned for once. After hearing the Believe in Holiday Magic soundtrack (this was the fireworks show the past two years) it really hit me how much I enjoyed that show and missed the holiday music this year. As I have mentioned before I missed the show, but this really seemed to hit home, not sure why that sparked it. As I mentioned last time I brought this up I think Remember Dreams Come True is one of the best Disney firework displays ever but around the holidays it just leaves me wanting something different. I think the Wishes segments could become some sort of Holiday tribute or maybe a different finale that could lead to a better segway to the Snow or something.. its just awkward to me.

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