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12/01/06 - My thoughts and observations from Fridays trip to the Merriest Place on Earth
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12/01/06 - My thoughts and observations from Fridays trip to the Merriest Place on Earth

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Hello all,

Friday was a great day at the Disneyland Resort (that was supposed to kick off a great weekend but SC blew that on Saturday.. oh well there is always nice year... FIGHT ON Trojans!!). Friday the weather was perfect (got into the mid 70s and then dropped to the low 60s), the crowds were light, I had a great parking spot (right as you got off the escalator), and there was not even a wait to get into the garage, the stars had aligned nicely.


Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

DCA Notes :

  • Headed to DCA first, and was surprised to find the Sun Wheel closed. Not sure what happened but there was a custodial CM coming up the exit and all the attraction CMs were working the entrance/exit saying they had no idea when it would re-open. I saw no maintenance guys around. It was running later in the evening.

  • Most of the attraction wait times were under 15 minutes or walk ons most of the afternoon/evening

  • Speaking of rehabs.. it was good to see the Lady Bug Boogie running in Bugsland, its been a long long time since I saw that.

  • Ate dinner at Taste Pilots Grill. I thought the food was great and the self service cash registers worked nicely but the constant questions about add ons were a bit annoying. I especially liked the toasted bun.

  • The two times I went by the Beach Party Blast I was surprised to find no real crowd around. The band was out, Santa was out, and characters were around but there were really no people.. the second time no one was even lined up to see Santa.

  • After the Block Party Bash the park really emptied out. I walked down the Backlot and right onto Monsters and could have walked onto Tower (just stopped by the Lobby to grab some pictures).

Disneyland Thoughts/Observations:

  • Disneyland was in full preparation mode for the Candlelight so Main Street traffic flow, including the train station were a bit scattered and disjointed, but things still went fairly smoothly. (Speaking of the Candlelight I talked to some people who went to the first show Saturday and they said the CMs seemed quite confused on the crowd control aspect and they waited a long time to get in and get seated (they had reserved seats) they also said it appeared the Club 33 section was not that well organized either, which seemed odd.. )

  • Speaking of the Railroad, I went on two short hops and both times the train had to come to an E-stop as it approached the station because people were coming in the exit. The first time at NOS and the second time at Toontown. Not sure if this is because people are oblivious to the exit signs or what? I cannot remember the last time we had one e-stop but two in the same afternoon seemed like really odd timing.

  • During Fantasmic the Little Mermaid unit did not go by during the princess medley, not sure what happened. She was on the Mark Twain at the end.

Other Thoughts/Observations:

  • Spent some time at the Disneyland Hotel and I found their holiday decorations to really be on the light side. Remember in years past when they would put up the large Santa area, an ice rink, a holiday dancing waters show, and more.. well this year there are some decorations but nothing over the top, Santa is down by a Ballroom, off to the side, the tree is out by the Pool, and there is really no special entertainment except for some strolling carolers.. of which I caught I set, that turned out to be a nearly private performance for me except for some CMs in the lobby..

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