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11/15/02 - Disneyland Resort Trip
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11/15/02 - Disneyland Resort Trip

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Overall it was a great Friday at the parks, the weather was comfortable, the crowds were not bad, and its the holiday time at the resort. I was extremely surprised to see the crowd as light as it was. Especially with how crowded it was a couple weeks ago when we were there and then the perfect weather. Oh well can't complain...

Downtown Disney seemed to have a healthy crowd and quite a bit of entertainment along the street. Went to ESPN to finally use my game card I got last year when I renewed my AP, but of course the race cars only had one working so I could not race the lazygeek, so no point in it...

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Disneyland Items:

  • One of the lightest crowds we have seen at HMH this season. The wait was around 30 minutes almost everytime we went by. SWH was about the same most of the time. We ended up using fastpass because we are extremely lazy...
  • The whole park is decked out and just about everything is in full swing for the holidays. The only missing pieces are Santa, the parade, and the carolers.
  • Just have to say that yesterday was one the days that reminds me why I live in Southern California. It was 91 degrees on the car thermometer when I arrived at the park. I was comfortable in short sleeves the entire evening. Standing on Main Street with white Christmas playing and snow attempting to fall was awesome as usual.
  • Small World Holiday was great as always. Especially liked the appearance of Stitch, one of his few appearances in the parks, except for the gift shops of course.
  • Believe has a couple minor changes, which are great.
  • I was a little dissappointed that there was not any group performing at Carnation or Club Buzz, wonder if they will ever bring back the Friday entertainment.

DCA Items:

  • Not much to report from DCA... did not spend too much time in the park. From what we saw the lines did not look too bad.
  • The holiday decorations at the park seemed more sparse than last year. No lights on the Palm trees on the Pier for example.
  • I liked moving the tree out along the bay. Too bad the tree is so ugly. Also it would have been cool to decorate the real trees in the area... oh well..
  • The backlot looked great with the holiday decorations, too bad there isn't much to do there...


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