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11/10/01 The Geek's second thoughts on Luminaria and other thoughts.
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11/10/01 The Geek's second thoughts on Luminaria and other thoughts.

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The Disneyland Resort is transforming for its Annual Holiday celebration. Disneyland is almost all Decorated and DCA is well on its way.


  • The crowd for Luminaria seemed much lighter than Friday, but still respectable.
  • Speaking of the crowd, crowd management seemed pretty good. We really did not run into any problems either day getting in or out of the area (with the exception of the bottleneck at the exit turnstlyes Friday).
  • They are still adding to the show. Saturday they had "walls" on the small barges to make them look like presents. It made the look much better.
  • Two interesting notes about the end of the show. First off the candles on the water came up, but did not light. And secondly while walking by Avalon cove we saw a boat grab a fire extinguisher and head out to the center piece of the show and they applied the spray to what we guess were some fireworks that did not go off right.
  • This show we watched from the opposite side of the Bay (in front of Screamin'). Two plusses for this side. One is we were upwind, which made it much more enjoyable. Secondly the sound system is much better on this side of the Bay. So the music was much louder and clearer.
  • Drawbacks to this side are the finale is not as impressive. The lights on Screamin' are really impressive, where as the ones in the trees and the Bay area are just ok.
  • The show itself was still just ok. For some real reason I just do not like it, but on the same hand I do not hate it either. I guess the best way to summarize my thoughts after experiencing it twice (in person) and a couple times on video tape is that its ok and worth seeing, but I would not plan or make a special trip just to see it. Unlike Holiday Believe where I would recommend going just to see it and the snow fall because its such a good show.

Disneyland Items:

  • Not much to report since yesterday. The crowd seemed heavier, but we did not spend much time in the park (except to ride Small World Holiday, Innoventions, and the Disneyland RR).
  • We were a little disappointed in the scheduling. We liked Friday night better where we were able to see Luminaria and then go over and watch Believe. Saturday Believe was at 9:30 and Luminaria at 9:45 so you could only really choose one or the other. (We did see Believe from in DCA, which was nice).


DCA Items:

  • The park seemed more crowded than Friday, but the lines still were not that bad. We were able to walk right on the Sun Wheel (swinging car) and the Orange Stinger while killing time waiting for Luminaria.
  • They were much more prepared for the mass of people exiting the park Saturday. Every turnstile was open and it worked much better than Friday.

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