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10/21/05 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays visit to the Disneyland Resort.
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10/21/05 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays visit to the Disneyland Resort.

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Hello all,

It was an overcast day at the Disneyland Resort. The parks seemed mildly crowded especially considering its off-season. I was really surprised by how crowded Disneyland felt.. guess the 50th is still drawing the crowds. The lines around the park seemed a little on the long side but still most E-tickets were under an hour most of the day. The longest line we waited in was for Dinner at Storytellers.. we did not think about it, but DCA closed at 6pm for the Halloween Event and it seemed many guests went from the park to dinner.. we arrived about the same time and waited nearly an hour. Also uncharacteristically, the service was slow and a bit under par.. also we think the prices may have gone up since last visit, but then again it may have been since two visits ago..


Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

Disneyland (and a couple DCA notes too):

  • As you saw in the pictorial update DCA is getting some TLC in the form of new paint in some areas of the Pier and Wharf. Also in the pictures you could make out some of the new landscaping features of the backlot, it should be interesting when it all opens. Over at Disneyland the walkway widening project around the hub seems to be done for now. The Sub Lagoon appears to be progressing at a snails pace, not sure why.. maybe a lot of prep work and work inside the caves is being done and in the Winter when the monorail closes the real work will begin..

  • We have heard several people inquiry loudly about the current give-away at Disneyland. They want to know why there are no other prizes.. basically a handful of people win a chance for the car everyday (all 5 receive two Deluxe Annual Passes and one wins the car). We have wondered this too.. seems to me they could give away some toy cars or something.. heck even an autopia fastpass or something would be a clever tie in and cost nothing really. Seems to me more winners in general is a good thing.

  • Had a stroke of good fortune (well interesting fortune). The Lazygeek was in line to grab Fastpasses for Haunted Mansion Holiday and they ran out for the evening. Since he was already in line he got a pass good for up to 5 people to come back any time and ride.. so we used that instead of a Fastpass, great deal!

  • Caught both of the 50th parades (Walt Disneys Parade of Dreams @ Disneyland and Block Party Bash @ DCA). I had not really watched them back to back (well nearly back to back there was an hour or so break between them). Doing this really makes the Parade of Dreams stand head and shoulders above the Bash.. The Bash really got on my nerves, not sure why, it was energetic and bright.. but I still do not like it.. I thought the old Eureka parade was better.. also not sure why Disney has become so formula driven.. both parades pull out, stop, perform, then roll on to the next stop. Seems you could vary things a bit more.

  • Over at DCA they were setting up for the Halloween event, which was sold out for the evening (I think all evenings are actually). The decorations up around the park seemed minimal at best. There were quite a few light effects illuminating from DCA that could be seen from the Esplanade.. any out there go to one of these events and have any pictures and/or thoughts to share? If so drop us an email..

  • During Remember the projector for the left side of Small World was not functioning, the show really lost something with only 2/3rds of the building being projected onto. We heard rumors that there might be more effects to help with some of the lulls, Nothing stood out to us as being new.

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