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10/18/02 - Disneyland Resort Trip
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10/18/02 - Disneyland Resort Trip

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First I want to share a couple thoughts about the Angles "Pep Rally". I really like the idea, but I thought the execution stunk. I have been to several rallies over the years and this one just did nothing to excite me. First off I think if your going to advertise a rally from 6:30-9:30pm you need to have events going on the whole time, or at least post a schedule. Using the House Band (Suburban Legends which performs all the time at Downtown Disney) and then a brief trivia contest at 6:40, followed by a 30 minute rally with an Announcer and some VIP guests, then back to the band for the rest of the time is not really a rally. The band played a fairly normal sounding set, only a couple baseball references we heard. I was extremely dissappointed that they did not have anyone from the team there, or at least more video clips, just a couple minute piece from the manager. Seems they could have put together something better than that. Heck the highlight of the evening was the Rally Monkey on the vision board. I would give the event an "A" for concept, but a "D" for execution. I really thought it could have been something incredible, instead it was just an event...

Disneyland Items:

  • There seemed to be a large crowd at the park Friday. Haunted Mansion Holiday had a constant line throughout the afternoon.
  • I was really surprised by the lack of live entertainment given the crowd size. There was one Fantasmic and a couple bands around the park. Nothing scheduled at Carnation or Club Buzz.
  • Its nice to see some of the walls finally coming down and attractions back up and running. Most of Fantasyland was reopened.
  • The only Angels items we saw in Disneyland was an ODV cart right by the entrance right in front of City Hall almost.

DCA Items:

  • There seemed to be a decent crowd in the park. Not too bad, but much larger than recent visits.
  • The Live Baseball Tonight show was not that good. I was surprised there was no vision board so we could see the clips and the sound was so low on the speakers you could barely hear it. We could only stand about 5 minutes of the show, which was too bad. One other funny note here is how Screamin' was down at the start of the show, its supposed to be the centerpiece of the backdrop and it was not running.
  • Bug's Land seems to be a creat success. We overheard several kids throughout the evening saying they wanted to go back to ride the rides again. The crowds in Fliks Fun Fair seemed healthy.
  • I was really impressed with how the Farm planters have been transformed into gardens. They look really good, but I would not call the area Bountiful Valley Farm anymore. The only growing items are the fruit trees at the entrance.
  • The Pier closed down early for a private party. It looked to be fairly large with a dance stage, fireworks and all.. It appeared to have to do with the World Series.
  • I was really expecting more Baseball items in the park, especially with the big banners at the entrance and the live show.


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