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09/27/02 Disneyland Trip...
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Welcome to the disneygeek.com Geek Speaks section. In this section I will post my comments on trips to the parks or other Disney related events.

09/27/02 Disneyland Trip...

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Disneyland Items:

  • Disneyland has an ok crowd. There seemed to be a fair number of people around the park, but not wall to wall.
  • We did not spend too much time in the park, except for our picture tour, then a couple hours at the end of the day, so can't comment too much on the lines.
  • Went through Toontown a little after 8 and it was dead. We had the Jolly Trolley to ourselves, and Cartoon Spin was a walk on. It was nice to be able to walk around and not have a lot of people.
  • I do not understand why the Hungry Bear closes down before dinner time now.
  • Fantasmic had a large crowd as usual.

DCA Items:

  • The big news here is Fliks had a soft opening all afternoon and evening. Look for our thoughts on it tomorrow.... I think the Lazygeek hit it on the head when he said "It feels like were in Disneyland..." I think that's a great compliment to the new section.
  • The crowds at DCA were about average for the park in offseason, meaning no real lines to speak of. We were able to pretty much walk on whatever we wanted with no real hassle.
  • The park seemed really quiet, not sure why. It was a nice slow pace though.
  • Tower appears to have reached its peak. Its starting to "grow" out now.
  • I do not understand why there is no band on the wharf stage on Fridays. Seems like there should be.


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