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09/13/02 Disneyland Trip...
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09/13/02 Disneyland Trip...

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Overall it was a great Friday at the parks. Relaxing, not too crowded, and good weather. The crowds were fairly light at both parks. There were more construction walls than I would want to count up around both parks.

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Disneyland Items:

  • The entertainment offerings this Friday were extremely slim. You had basically the Parade of the Stars (which I don't find entertaining at all), or one Fantasmic. There were several of the small bands around the park too (firehouse, trashcan trio, etc..) But not much else.
  • The crowd was light too. We walked right on Indy at about 8pm. Same for Pirates. It was nice to walk around the park and not run into people. Fantasmic drew a full house as usual.
  • Not too much of interest jumps out at me to share from this visit. I really missed Believe, its such a nice way to end a day.
  • As we walked around the park we were trying to see how much of Tower of Terror you could see from inside Disneyland. We really only were able to see it from the walkway by the Matterhorn as you go towards Tomorrowland and from the back of Fantasyland. It will be interesting once its finished to see how it blends in.
  • I overheard two people talking about the Country Bears, it still amazed me how many people I hear say things like, "We should go see those singing bears." Or which way to the Bears. Seems quite a few people still think they are out there.

DCA Items:

  • Over at DCA the crowds have really returned to their normal - none really. We were able to wonder around the park and go on most attractions at will if we wanted. Soarin' had a 20 min wait only, probably faster if you timed it right.
  • Wonder why the Hyperion still has Blast banners and the signs say no Shows today. It should be advertising for Aladdin and have the opening date. I hope Shockwave makes an appearance in Anaheim someday (for those who don't know Shockwave is the new Blast, think of it as the sequel). It was down at EPCOT this summer.
  • If you thought the seating for the Rockin the Bay Concerts was limited, you should see what they have done now with the stage. There is no room for chiars becuase a smaller version of the stage is now there (its no longer in the Bay).
  • I was surprised that no one was performing at the Wharf Stage Friday.
  • Bug's Land looks great, the walls are down and you can see in. I really think this will be a great addition to the park. Too bad it really has nothing to do with the theme of the park.


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