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09/01/06 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays trip to the Disneyland Resort
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09/01/06 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays trip to the Disneyland Resort

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Hello everyone,

Friday kicked off the three day Labor Day weekend so we headed to the Disneyland Resort for the afternoon/evening. The parks were surprisingly not crowded. I was expecting them to be at least as crowded as the past few visits but they were both substantially lighter in my opinion. The weather was a tad on the warm side, in the 90s, and the traffic getting to the parks was quite bad so maybe that had something to do with it. Most lines in Disneyland were under half an hour, many under 15 minutes. Over at DCA most things were a near walk on. Including Soarin' and Screamin' for most of the afternoon. The lines did pick up as the evening went on, but still nothing too busy.


Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

DCA & Disneyland Notes:

  • While walking around the partially deserted areas of California Adventure and trying to get some interesting landscape shots with the perfect blue sky I was reminded again one of the reasons the park feels cheap to me.. its the large, ugly, light and speaker poles that line the parade route (hmm I mean performance corridor, upon further review it is called the parade route again). These large units seem to get into most shots and just clutter then up. Just thought I'd throw that out.

  • Not much else of interest happening at DCA. As I walked the park to see if anything interesting was going on or had changed I started to think of the small number of hours I have spent in the park the past few months. Looking back on my past half dozen or so updates I was averaging an hour or so out of eight at DCA only. Mostly because nothing was going on and there was not even any interesting entertainment to draw me over.

  • Caught the Flag Retreat at Disneyland and this time the Dapper Dans participated in the production. Also I stood where I could hear the P/A Announcer which added a bit to the show. I hope this sticks around for a while, I think its a great ceremony and well worth seeing if you happen to be in the park. Its just one of those little plusses that make Disneyland, Disneyland and now its even better. The production followed the same sequence as last time except this time the Disneyland Band did not stop at the point of Town Square and perform, the went straight to the flag pole. Also the Dapper Dans sang during a couple of the numbers.

  • After the Flag Retreat it was dinner time so we went to White water snacks, where we have not eaten in a while. We noticed a new ICEE machine that now has Fanta as its sponsor/flavor instead of Coke. I ended up with the Chicken Strips and noticed they were new. Much larger than before and more "meaty". I actually like the taste of the old ones better.

  • Caught a little bit of the band at Club Buzz and I really felt like I was the wrong generation or something... the music really annoyed me, not sure why it just sounded bad to me and even the Lazygeek commented on it and he does not mind modern music. (See I am a Country/Oldies/Disney music fan mostly).

  • I turned in my Pirates Quest and was pleasantly surprised to receive several bonus cards as well as a Fastpass to an attraction of our choice (from the available ones). Also interesting they said we could come back for the Fastpass anytime within the next 90 days. Not bad for answering four questions.

  • Road Buzz Lightyear and the targets seemed to be really "tight". You had to be very close to dead center for them to register. Not sure if it was bad luck, bad shooting on our part, or something else but it seemed weird.

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