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08/25/02 ABC Weekend, day 2
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08/25/02 ABC Weekend, day 2

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In this 7 hour visit to the resort we tacked on another 6.10 miles (12,432 steps). Pedometer acquired from our friends over at SierraMountainWorks.com

What we did: Arrived at 9:30am, got in line for Whose Line tickets, Golden Zephyr, Sun Wheel Swinging, Stopped by the Q&As, Trivia, Less Than Perfect preview, Q&A, Bread tour, My Wife & Kids Q&A, Whose Line, Alias Q&A, According to Jim Q&A, grabbed some food, the Parade, and then park to the structure.

The second day of the event seemed much more crowded. I am guessing some did not get the work that the blockout date for Saturday was raised, or just more people decided to show up.

DCA Items:

  • The Whose Line ticket line seemed much more organized, practice does make perfect. Unfortunately quite a few people learned too and showed up early. Our 9:30 arrival got us balcony seats this time
  • Today was "drama" day for the most part. I am not a big drama person, so most I did not know most of the people. I do watch Alias, but that's it on ABC, but that is about it in the drama department.
  • We finally got to a preview screening, not the one I wanted, but it was still interesting to do. Wish they would have lined up better in the schedule to be able to attend more.
  • Again they scheduled a panel I wanted for 1pm when you were supposed to be in line for Whose Line. I caught the begging of the My Wife and Kids panel. Then had to hurry over to Whose Line and this time they let people in on time and we were among the last to enter the theater, about 10 min before showtime.
  • The show itself was good. Wish they would have done some different games, but oh well. Also thought Drew's intro was better on Saturday. Thought he could have had at least a few new jokes in in Sunday. Some girl from Florida paid $1800 for the trip to DCA and to have a song sung to her by the Whose Line guys.
  • Caught the parade, from a different spot this time. Out by the Farm/Wharf across from the Vineyard. It was really bad because the interviews were way to our left. So we kept looking to see who was talking and you would be looking at people's backs. Overall it was quite different from being down on the backlot with the larger crowd that we experienced on Saturday.

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