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08/23/02 Disneyland Trip...
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08/23/02 Disneyland Trip...

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In this 5.5 hour visit to the resort we tacked on another 8.08 miles (16,455 steps). Pedometer acquired from our friends over at SierraMountainWorks.com

OK let's try to remember what we did:

Started off in Disneyland, did a walk around the park, Adventureland, NOS, Critter, Fantasyland, Toontown, then over to DCA. At DCA we saw some of the Eureka parade as we walked along to get in front of it. Then it was the Sun Wheel followed by the 5:45 Monkee's concert. After which it was off to dinner (went to McD's across the street). Back to DCA for the 7:45 concert, walked around the Pier while listening since it was identical to the first. Then over to Dland to catch the 8:30 Barrage concert, which was cancelled for some reason. So we left and went home, knowing Saturday would be an early day for the Primetime weekend.

DCA Items:

  • DCA seemed much more crowded than usual, but the lines still were not bad. We talked to a CM at the gate and they said it had been this way all week with the Monkees, guess they have a large following.
  • Speaking of the Monkees their concert was very entertaining, the first time around. Their second set was identical to the first, even the same jokes. That was really a shame.
  • The crowds for the concerts were both really strong, probably among the heaviest we have seen, but still no where near the Beach Boys.
  • I managed to see 5 of the groups from Rockin' the Bay and hear one other one from the hotel. I enjoyed the Beach Boys concert the most, and the Village People the least. Overall I thought it was a fun series. I really think the time shift to later concerts was great.
  • Elsewhere in DCA Fliks looks almost complete from the outside. The signs are up and being finished. From the Sun Wheel we were able to see some of the attractions running inside.
  • The sign for the new Bugs Land was up. Bugs land now encompasses the Bountiful Valley Farm, Its Tough to be a Bug, and Flik's Fun Fair. I wonder if it is still considered part of the Golden State? Also how does it really fit with the CA Adventure theme?

Disneyland Items:

  • We did not spend that much time at Disneyland this trip since the goal was the concerts. We did take a spin around the park to see what's going on, check out the picture update for the info.
  • Small World's restoration looks amazing. Its the little things that count...
  • Went to see the 8:30 Barrage concert and they were not performing. Anyone know why the concert was cancelled? -- got a Reply from someone else in the park Friday and they said there were technical problems. The 10:00 show went on as scheduled.
  • There seemed to be quite a few people in the park, most lines were in the 30 -45 min range when we walked by the line board, except for Splash 90, and Cartooon Spin 75.

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