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08/02/02 Disneyland Trip...
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Welcome to the disneygeek.com Geek Speaks section. In this section I will post my comments on trips to the parks or other Disney related events.

08/02/02 Disneyland Trip...

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.In this 8 hour visit to the resort we tacked on another 10.33 miles (21,023 steps). Pedometer acquired from our friends over at SierraMountainWorks.com

The M&F garage on Friday filled up really fast. By 3pm people were parking on the roof. When we left it looked as if every floor had been used and were fairly full. The parks did not feel that crowded though. There were definitely a lot of people, but not overly exaggerated waits.

Speaking of the garage ever feel like you walk forever once you park your car. Well this trip I got stuck in the last row about 5 cars in from the end. So I was in the opposite corner of the garage from where the escalators are. I cut diagonally between cars to cut some distance off, but it was still 1/4 mile walk, to the top of the escalator. While on the subject of the garage, parking was slow again as has become the norm this summer. There were people walking up the aisle that cars had to drive down to park. CMs were yelling at people to get out of the way and most did not seem to care. Leaving was just as much fun backing out into the traffic racing down the back straightaway to exit. The positive about where I parked was you drove right in, parked and could drive right out. No parking structure tour.


DCA Items:

  • The Bangles drew a healthy crowd. Much heavier than the 5th Dimension, but no where near the Beach Boys. Also as we have noticed on past occasions at the 3:30 concert the crowd seems to dwindle as the performance goes on. People standing around the edges decide to call it quits because of the heat and bad views.
  • During the 5:45 show I was over on the Sun Wheel. It seemed really strange to hear the concert on the speakers over there. The sound mix actually sounded quite good. Just weird to hear the sound from behind me, when the concert was in front of me. I was also surprised that it was not louder on the Sun Wheel. I figured you would be able to hear it perfectly, but it was really muted.
  • Out at the Wharf was an Irish group called the Fenians. They had a good size crowd watching them and as the show went on more showed up. By the time they finished most of the seating was taken and quite a few people were standing around watching too. We went to the 8pm show.
  • Went and saw Blast, just wanted to remind everyone that they only have a few more weeks left in their run at DCA.
  • Also wanted to make a comment on people's actions. We noticed quite a few bottles floating in Paradise Bay. I am guessing Disney still cleans overnight, so those were all from Friday. I don't understand why people do things like that. The trashcans are actually closer in most cases than the bay.

Disneyland Items:

  • Not too much of interest to share with you... the crowd was solid, but you could still walk and get on attractions without spending hours in line.
  • I was extremely disappointed with the Lilo & Stitch thing at Innoventions. It turned out to be a glorified photo booth. I really do not see how that fits in Innoventions and really seemed out of place.
  • The new Pin store in Tomorrowland was quite full when we walked through. There were a lot of Pin traders and just people browsing. The kids art area seemed a little under utilized, only one or two kids drawing. Wonder how many people will pay for an enlargement of their kids drawing. The print on demand kiosks were interesting, prices seemed on the high side. Most of the were empty, except for the occasional person who stopped saw the price and moved on. I also did not understand why there was a pin cart right outside the entrance to the shop...
  • Small World was open and had a steady line most of the afternoon. We walked by 3 or 4 times and there always seemed to be at least a 20 min wait.


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