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07/12/02 Disneyland Resort Visit
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07/12/02 Disneyland Resort Visit

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Have you ever wondered how far you walked in a day at Disneyland? Well we have. So we got ahold of a pedometer from our friends over at SierraMountainWorks.com and in the 5 hours we were at the parks on Friday we walked approx. 6.69 miles (13,633 steps). Just thought that was interesting to share.

The crowds at both parks were about average for Summer. Not too bad, but not too light either.

I think its interesting how Country Bear promos are appearing in both parks now... I still do not understand why they got rid of the Bears... seems like with all the hype for the movie it would have done really well. Maybe put some new songs in or something even...

We also spent some time at Downtown Disney Friday night to see what's going on. There was a fair number of people walking around. The main walkway lights were out for about half the area... wonder why. We also stopped to see many of the groups that were performing along the walkways. They were ok. Seems that the teenage set really found the groups to be great. I guess I am too old or something. Seems like a demographic clash to me with most of the shopping and dining locations targeted toward older people with money not teenagers.

DCA Items:

  • One of our main goals of the evening was to see how the set up for the concert series was going to be. They had the Eagles Tribute group performing so we went to a concert.
  • Our first impression is its a nice venue for small crowds, but if a large crowd shows up it doesn't seem like it can handle it. There were only a couple hundred chairs in the area. The rest is seating on the ground, grass, and standing room. Not sure on the capacity of the area, but seems small to us. We were surprised no "jumbotron" systems were brought in tomake the groups more visible. Or maybe we are just assuming more people than they are... time will tell.
  • Also it was nice with the setting sun and the breeze. At 3:30 it may be a bit warm out there.
  • The sound was ok. The mixing was off and they kept tweaking it. Hopefully it will be right by tomorrow for the Beach Boys.
  • The re-arranged farm area actually looked really good to us. Seemed like a nice balance.
  • We did not get a peak into the new area, the windows were covered and the tractor viewing was closed.
  • It was great to see the college band performing a full set over at DCA

Disneyland Items:

  • We did not spend too much time in the park. Just did a walk through and watched the college band.
  • Speaking of the band, no Art this week... wonder why? (For those who do not know, Arthur Bartner is the band director and also USC's).
  • It was great to see the fair amount of people lining up for Fantasmic before 7pm. Its still amazing how a show 10 years old can pack them in night after night. Its been quite a while since a show of that caliber has been around

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