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06/11/02 The Geek Rambles about Stitch Tie Ins
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06/11/02 The Geek Rambles about Stitch Tie Ins

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Hello, as you may have all noticed the Walt Disney Company Lilo and Stitch Promotions have kicked into high gear. It seems almost every Disney related outlet has some sort of tie in ramping up. I just wanted to talk about a couple that I have encountered ( a good, a bad, and a nuetral).

The Good: The Lilo & Stitch soundtrack. I bought the "collectors" one, meaning its numbered and has a different cover than the rest, nothing else, from the Disney Store. I am listening to it as I type. For the most part I think its pretty good. How can you go wrong with an assortment of Elvis songs. The weird thing is having no original song for a Disney Animated feature that has so many songs in it. The one disappointment I had with the CD is the Score pieces. I thought they were fairly "boring" and extremely unmemorable. I was expecting some nice Hawaiian music or something for at least one of them... no such luck. I also thought the idea of making the CD look like a record was great.

The Nuetral: Merchandise... I saw it out at Disneyland. For the most part it looks fairly standard to me. Nothing spectacular, but nothing that jumps out as terrible.

The Bad: The Disney Channel Special on Lilo & Stitch - The Movie Surfers was a major disappointment. In the "ancient" past Disney Channel used to put together quality shows about their coming feature films. Talking about the film, the music, the animation, the voice talent, and anything else that was relevant to it. The special would usually feature an interview or two with animators or someone involved with the film. Over the years these specials have become less and less interesting and further detached from the film. The Lilo & Stitch one I watched last night was the worst I had seen. I actually felt "dumber" after watching it. I know I am not the target demographic of the show, but that is part of the problem I think. The old shows worked for kids and adults, now its just for kids and the lowest denominator at that. Instead of Lilo and Stitch the TV show could have been title "kids go to Hawaii, surfing, and Graceland" or something like that (see why I don't work for TV I can't title anything). Anyways back to the special, it included no interesting tidbits or clips of the movie at all. Hopefully the upcoming special on the 21st (opening day) will be more interesting. Oh well enough rambling, just wanted to share my two cents and see what you all thought??

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