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05/31/02 Disneyland Resort Visit
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05/31/02 Disneyland Resort Visit

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Friday was a great afternoon at the parks. The weather was comfortable and, the crowds were not too bad. It was an interesting crowd. At Disneyland there seemed to be a lot of groups of Junior high/high school kids around the park as well as just a lot of people walking around. The lines for most attractions were not bad. DCA was its normal calm self.

Disneyland Items:

  • The biggest change at Disneyland is Splash and Thunder Mtns were open again. Thunder had an average line. Splash on the other hand had an extremely long posted wait time, 80 minutes and by mid afternoon the Fastpasses were all gone.
  • It appeared that they were painting Small World. It would be nice if they figured out a better way to do the holiday lighting so you do not get those ugly fasteners on the building.
  • Fantasmic is listed in the guidebook as coming back next Friday June 7. They were setting up for a rehearsal last night as the park was closing.
  • Believe had a large crowd as usual, its still a great show to catch.

DCA Items:

  • Not much going on over at DCA. The crowd was thin and you could pretty much get on whatever you wanted without too much effort.
  • It appeared there were only a couple trains running on Screamin', but the standby line was still under 20 min.
  • It was great to see Blast! returning to its full form. The drum solos and dueling drummers are back. Also the cast seems to be getting larger again. It looked fairly thin for a while there. The only disappointing thing was the small number of poeple in the audience. It was one of the least crowded shows I have ever been to.

Other Items:

  • We ate at the Rainforest for Dinner. I really like the Safari Club. We waited about 5 minutes only to be seated, where as the normal wait was probably an hour. The meal was good as usual.
  • Went over and caught the Dancing waters show at the hotel. First time in a long time. It was pretty much the same show. I sort of miss the "decking" to stand on to watch the show.

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