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05/17/02 Disneyland Resort Visit
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05/17/02 Disneyland Resort Visit

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Friday was a nice relaxing day at the parks. The crowds seemed fairly light, but there were still quite a few people around. Over at Disneyland there were quite a few large groups of Junior high kids. The Heritage Festival was going on with large groups again out at the Festival Arena.

The roughest part of the trip for me was thinking what I was doing a week ago that time... I was at WDW last week. What a difference a few thousand miles makes. It was kind of strange to think a week ago I was walking around a different Magic Kingdom on Friday afternoon. It was nice to be back in more familiar territory.

Hard to believe it had been almost a month since my last Disneyland visit.... way too long.

Disneyland Items:

  • There is still quite a bit of work going on around the park. The Carrousel is almost entirely gone. It looks really bad right now. Wonder when it is scheduled to be completed?
  • Splash mountain was cycling empty logs when we went by. It was very strange to see them going over the big drop with no water flowing over it (for those who do not know on the big drop you are basically on rollers, so the water is basically a prop or decoration.
  • The log "retrofitting" looks a little strange and I do not see what advantage it is to have a back for each person. I was assuming they were going to do a seatbelt thing or something (either that or it was hidden from my view or not installed on the logs I saw). We saw a dozen or so logs go by.
  • Walking around Disneyland the one thing that struck us was the lack of live entertainment for a Friday evening. There just was not a lot going on.

DCA Items:

  • The Crowds at DCA seemed about average. Nothing to really mention.
  • Work seems to really be moving along on Flik's Fun Faire. Quite a few trees and other prop elements are starting to appear. The Farm area is pretty much all blocked off right now. Wonder how much of the "growing" areas will be returning.
  • One tractor has been moved already. Our Geek minds were curious if they towed/pushed it or used a crane or something to move it. We did not see any marks on the ground, but the treads looks as if thay had moved some...
  • Blast has a drum solo back in the line up. Hopefully the entire dueling drummers segment will return. Also there appeared to be quite a few new faces in the cast.

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