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4/21/06 - Some thoughts and observations from a crowded trip to the Disneyland Resort
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4/21/06 - Some thoughts and observations from a crowded trip to the Disneyland Resort

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Hello everyone,

It felt like forever since our last trip to the Disneyland Resort, it was almost a full month due to the Easter Holiday and the weather delays.. the Resort was still in Spring Break mode as you saw in the pictorial update, there were quite a few guests roaming the parks. The wait times still seemed reasonable considering the crowd, but it was definitely busy.


Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

DCA & Disneyland Notes:

  • Road the Haunted Mansion to see if anything new had surfaced yet. We believe the attic scene has quite a few new props (or at least re-arranged so they seemed new to us). Also the ghosts that popped up are no longer there and there were several things covered up, not sure if those are new props, old props, or just the way its supposed to look. I tried to snap a few pictures but was not prepared so nothing came out. Maybe next trip.

  • Later this week we will be adding a section taking a look at the Main Street windows. usually you take a look at a window or two every now and then, actually walking the street and reading them all was quite fun. There were several I had not read or do not remember.

  • The work in Tomorrowland is really coming along. I thought it was great to see a cover going over the extended seating area for Club Buzz. also good to see the subs back and something different in the lagoon to look at. Its amazing at how many people we overheard commenting on how they thought it was cool to see the subs coming back. We ran into several out of town guests and infrequent visitors who were commenting on the positive sign of bringing back a true Disneyland classic. Looks like we will be spending quite a bit of time in 2007 in line for this updated attraction since I am betting the crowds will be heavy for it.

  • Speaking of crowds.. we noticed several new crowd control measures being using around the park. Some working really well others not so well. The first one I noticed was the division of Adventureland with the North side being NOS bound traffic and the South side being Main Street bound traffic. There was a rope line up through the middle of the land and stroller parking was moved to complete the barricade (there were some pictures of this in the pictorial update). This seemed to work really well. You were able to walk through the area with no real problem, unlike how it usually is when the crowds are like Friday. The other thing I noticed was quite a few Cast Members helping to direct the traffic. There must have been a handful in Adventureland. Later in the day this had gone back to normal and so had the traffic congestion. Seems like this is an expensive solution with the man power they were using to accomplish it, but the result was definitely nice.

  • Another new crowd control measure we ran into was on Main Street. It was about 10 minutes to parade time and we were walking up the East side of the street and at center street, near the fruit cart, there was a CM forcing traffic to go around the cart to the right instead of traveling straight up the sidewalk. My best guess is the plan was to keep the crosswalk area flowing but all this did was bottle people up on Main Street heading into the park.

  • One more crowd control story.. we had not watched the Electrical Parade in probably a year and have not seen it out in the Pier area for quite a while. We stood in front of MM and after the parade joined in the mass of people following the final float since there was no where else to go so we figured we would follow to Golden Dreams then cut through the Bay Area, GRR, and Condor Flats and beat the parade rush out of the park. As we walked along we noticed the crowd control and other CMs joining in the procession as we passed them. By the time we neared Golden Dreams there was a fairly solid line of CMs following the parade. As soon as they cleared the walkway by Golden Dreams they stopped and started to direct traffic to the left toward GRR or right toward the Pier. They were not allowing guests to keep following the parade. I thought this made a alot of sense and once people figured out what was going on it was not too bad.

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