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3/24/06 - Some thoughts and observations from our first trip of Spring to the Disneyland Resort
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3/24/06 - Some thoughts and observations from our first trip of Spring to the Disneyland Resort

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Hello all,

Spring returned briefly to Southern California and the temperatures peaked in the mid 70s on Friday. So we headed down to the Disneyland Resort to see what was going on as did several thousand others. I think the spring break crowds have started to arrive as well as many locals taking advantage of the current 2fer deal. I overheard several in line talking about the deal and how they had to drive to several stores to get the tickets because the one they went to first was out. The lines at the parks were solid but not extremely long and with a little timing and using Fastpass you could get on most attractions. The exceptions being Space and Splash mountain which had long lines and distant return times all afternoon/evening.


Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

DCA & Disneyland Notes:

  • Upon arriving at the resort I was greeted with a line of cars stretching about 2/3rds the way back toward the garage entrance. I jumped in the shortest of the four lines and waited. For some reason one side only had one lane open and cars had to merge then the other side had two lanes open. Kind of strange. Luckily the CM working the booth that feed the merged lane as well as one of the single lanes was extremely efficient and he was working like crazy, almost running from side to side to keep the cars moving. I wish I would have gotten his name to send in a compliment but he was moving so fast and I didn't want to slow down the line.. but great job whoever you are.. its really appreciated.

  • I spent a little, and I mean only a couple minutes, in Innoventions because I wanted to get some pictures over the walls in Tomorrowland. I really think the exhibits need a face lift.. everything seems to be the same with nothing new or futuristic really except for ASIMO.

  • On my way into Toontown a group of people caught my eye.. two hard hats and two guys in dress shirts. It was Matt Ouimet and three others I did not recognize. They were coming out of Toontown, I lost track of them in the parade crowd so not sure where they were going.. a guess is the sub lagoon since it seemed they went that direction.

  • I spent a little time walking around Toontown checking out the new Goofy play area during the day time and it seems to be a hit with its target audience of younger kids. There were quite a few running around having a blast. The parents looked on and seemed to enjoy the area too. I also wandered down toward Chip and Dales tree house, I had not been there in a while, its kind of sad the area where the ball pit used to be just looks like a ghost town. Seems they can do something there so it does not look so empty.. unless there is a chance the balls will return?

  • In the pictorial update we mentioned the carpet at the Grand Californian and we got a reply on the Geek's blog from a recent guest of the hotel and they informed us that the hotel CMs say new carpet to match the old one is on its way.. but since its custom it takes some time... thanks.

  • Also as you saw in the pictorial update I managed to get up front in the monorail. It was kind of weird to sit in the front and have the monorail going backwards. I ended up watching the LCD screen more than looking out the window. I was talking with the CM about the new camera/LCD system and how much better than the one they used last time around during DCAs construction. The CM said it was much better but every now and then it goes fuzzy.. but compared to last time when it would just go out this was a plus.

  • Still nothing visibly new to us on Haunted Mansion.. rumor is the new effects/changes will be in place and live by Easter week.. we will see..

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