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03/15/02 Finally another Update
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Welcome to the disneygeek.com Geek Speaks section. In this section I will post my comments on trips to the parks or other Disney related events.

03/15/02 Finally another Update

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Well it feels like its been forever since the last update... only three weeks...

The parks are fairly crowded with Spring breaks starting to occur. Also there is some kind of Dance/Cheer competition going on. There were large groups of kids roaming the parks.

Disneyland Items:

  • Disneyland seems "closed for repair". Many of the "big" attractions around the park are closed. Several areas are walled off and other attractions have been "retired". Yesterday afternoon there were very few E-ticket attractions operating in the park (at one point we saw):
    Rehabs: Splash, Space, Pirates
    Broken: Thunder & Mat.
    So at this point DCA actually had more operating "E-ticket" attractions I think.
    Add to this the blocked off areas of Fantasyland and Critter Country and the emptyness of Tomorrowland and quite a bit of Disneyland was not "usable".
  • I wish they would bring back some entertainment on Friday nights. The bands are only on Saturday nights now.
  • One other strange thing. We went on the Disneyland RR and we waited almost 25 miutes for a train to show up.
  • The 100 Mickey's exhibit was interesting. I enjoyed it, like Concept art better, but still a good show. I wish you could see the print on demand system. I think that would be cool.
  • The Bank on Main Street has a Penny press that features a train from the DLRR. The best part is it only costs you a penny. It is a hand crank machine located next to the ATM.
  • We finally got to see the AT&T movie at Innoventions. I was dissappointed with the movie, but mildly surprised by the "effects". The show starts off with you standing in a "mini theater". There you are introduced to "boundless" the AT&T Logo (I did not know that it had a name).... Anyways he is going to watch his favorite TV show, the Bandwidths. There are several clever play on words. The film is a cartoon for the most part and it reminds me a lot of the Jetsons. I thought it ran a little long for what it said. Then you go into the main theater and are seated in a extremely comfortable chair. Several people commented on how they would have liked to have seen the first part of the show in these chairs. In this theater the story continues on. This time there are some lighting effects, the chair moves a bit, and you get to interact by voting on a couple issues with buttons on your chair. The idea of the films is to show what the future can be like with AT&T products. I would have really liked to have seen some of the current AT&T products, concepts of future products, or even mock ups instead of all cartoons. Overall I would say the show is something to see if you have nothing better to do, but I would not seek it out or wait for it. Oh yeah... during one sequence they take a picture of the audience then when you leave you can email the picture to yourself. I did, but have not recieved the email yet...
  • I was pleasantly surprised to see the large crowd both parades drew. I guess with so much down you go see the parade.
  • Believe drew a large and very supportive crowd as usual. Its great to hear all the applause and comments at the end of this great show.


DCA Items:

  • DCA felt more crowded than usual. There were quite a few people wandering around. The lines at the attractions were long too. For example the Sun Wheel had over a 45 min wait (but the stationary cars had only a 10).
  • Adding to this appearance is the fact that not all the attractions were operating at peak capacity. Maliboomer only had two towers running that I could see and Screaming only had 3 trains going. They seemed to only be running one train on the track at a time. The second one would not luanch until the first one was on the final straightaway.
  • Blast drew large crowds, which is great to see. The show we went to filled the two levels that were open.
  • During the afternoon there was quite a few entertainment choices around the park. I wish they would bring back the bands to the Wharf. We ate dinner out there and it was really quite. Also I think they heaters should be on earlier in the evening, but then again I am a "whimpy" southern californian now that if its below 70 I complain.
  • MM was back up and running. There was a fairly good line too. It really looks like a boxed in ride now. I do not understand why they did not build it in a building to begin with. It would have added an extra twist to it and looked a lot better from the Hotel.


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