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3/10/06 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays cold trip to the Disneyland Resort and Shareholders meeting
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3/10/06 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays cold trip to the Disneyland Resort and Shareholders meeting

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Hello all,

Headed down to Anaheim on this gloomy, rainy Friday to go to the Annual Shareholders meeting which was being held at the Pond. I had not gone to one before but said next time they held it in LA or Anaheim I would go, so I did, and since I was already down in Anaheim decided to press my luck (and hope for no major rain) and head over to the parks after the meeting.

The crowds at both parks were light but heavier than expected. I would have thought with the temperature in the mid 50s, gusty winds, and the threat of rain all day the park would be fairly empty, but it was not. We lucked out with the weather. It rained while we were in the meeting and drizzled a bit on the drive over to the parks from the Pond, but that was it. The sun actually came out for a while during lunch and the wind would pick up from time to time, but overall not as bad as it could have been. It really did not start raining until we were on our way home, which made for an interesting drive. Ran into a thunderstorm in Glendale, which was not that much fun.



Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

DCA & Disneyland Notes:

  • Since this was my first shareholders meeting I really did not have much to compare it to, but listening to others in attendance it was a light crowd. We did not know what to expect so we arrived early (way too early). The meeting consisted of three main parts. The first were presentations on the companies business units, followed by the "business" portion of the meeting that consisted of 4 proposals, and concluding with a Q&A session. I found the first two parts to be the most interesting. The questions at the Q&A were really not that informing and I think most Disneygeeks could have given an answer similar to the company to line for each. But they did reveal how Bob Iger thinks on his feet and how he comes across as a genuine person, or at least to me he did. The presentation on the parks really had nothing new in terms of Disneyland or Walt Disney World announcements. If you want to hear more from the meeting I can go into some detail, just ask..

  • Headed over to the parks around 12:30 and stayed until 9:30 when Remember was canceled due to the high upper level winds. The mood in the parks seemed fairly good considering the "bitter" cold (well for Southern Californians and those of us whose blood has thinned after being here for so many years cold, it was in the 50s).

  • Haunted Mansion was back from rehab, but closed most of the afternoon due to technical difficulties, the CMs said it was an audio problem. I was surprised they gave out that much info, usually all you hear is the attraction is temporarily closed.. finally did get on around 8pm. The exterior of the house looks great, a fresh coat of paint and all cleaned up. Going through the attraction I did not notice that much new (from what I have read on other sites the new effects will be coming online in the coming weeks and almost all of them are not on yet). A couple minor things I noticed. There were bats on a mobile in the attic scene circling (off to the left as you neared the bride), I vaguely remember something there but do not remember moving bats. I could not tell if the bride was new or not. In the graveyard there seemed to be more ghosts popping up. Also the ground was coated with sawdust or bark or something it looked like. In the final scene when the ghosts join you in the cars they appeared to be moving a bit (turning their heads from side to side) which I did not remember I thought they were motionless before. Are there any Haunted Mansion fans out there who have ridden and have a more detailed list of the changes? If so drop us a line and I will add them.

  • Speaking of writing we are still holding our "contest". For any guest column or update that we use on the site that is submitted by March 17th (Friday) we will be sending you a Virtual Magic Kingdom code for a golden door teleporter. They were giving these codes out as you went onto the Monsters Inc attraction and we were given a handful of them and would like to share since we really do not have a need for all of them. So submit your column, thoughts, or pictures via email to disneygeek@disneygeek.com

  • Not much else to report this week. After three weeks in a row I think the pictures speak for themselves. The most interesting to us were the Sub Lagoon shots and the Goofy's Playhouse area (which we will have daylight pictures of next trip). Also in the pictorial update we did not get any usable shots of the newly re-opened Star Traders in Tomorrowland.

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