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2/24/06 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays trip.
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2/24/06 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays trip.

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Hello all,

We were expecting Friday to be a typically slow off season day.. Presidents Day was last weekend so this should have been a good day crowd wise.. boy were we wrong. Seems there were several conventions in town, most notably a Cheerleading competition at the Resort all weekend. So Friday seemed like a very crowded day at the Disneyland Resort. Both parks had a fair number of guests roaming around and attraction wait times hovered near summer levels, check out our crowd shots section later this week for a flavor of the wait times and crowds. Overall most E-tickets were over an hour with Indy, Space, and Splash Mountain over 75 minutes for much of the afternoon.. Over at DCA Monsters continues to pull in a healthy crowd with the shortest wait we saw posted at 45 minutes. Tower of Terror even had a wait over 20 minutes a couple of times by. I talked to some people who were at the Park on Saturday and they all said the same thing.. the day started off fine, but as it progressed the crowds showed up.



Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

DCA & Disneyland Notes:

  • Not much new to report from Disneyland this week. As you saw in the pictorial update the Sub Lagoon work has kicked into gear and now visible progress is being made.

  • As we waited to send our Buzz Lightyear picture/email we were again reminded as to how rude some guests are. First off as many of you know these lines tend to move rather slow as people search for their pictures and some choose to send them to everyone they know. Anyways.. we were a couple groups back and the next person was going up to the screen, a young girl, probably middle school aged, approached the screen and then some random guest and her daughter push there way in from the gift shop and push this kid out of the way. We watched as this other guest (who was in front of us and behind the young girl) intervened and finally convinced (well really annoyed) the line jumper into leaving. We were pleased to see this other stranger come to the aid of a child but could not believe the nerve of the line jumping guest pushing a kid out of the way to send an email...

  • As we sat there in line something hit us.. wouldn't it be great if you could just swipe your Annual Pass or some other pass (maybe something like Photopass at WDW) and your Buzz score would be saved and available online. It would be impressive if they were able to push this to the next level and let you see the webcam footage and/or history of scores. Also by swiping a card it would be much faster (it would be really great if you could do it on your ride vehicle and not even have to wait in line afterwards but that is really pushing it).. oh well just a random thought..

  • Over at DCA there were quite a few guests roaming around too. I still would like to know the thought process behind having the Aladdin show empty out right at parade time and creating gridlock in the Gateway Plaza as guests try to cram in for the parade and others are just trying to get out of the backlot area. Seems to me you could either reverse the parade route or move Aladdin earlier or later to avoid this bottleneck.

  • As you saw in the pictorial update most of the tarps are down on the row houses in the Bay Area and they look better then ever (better than when they were new actual). You can see a lot more detail with the new paint scheme. If anyone wants to see pictures of how it originally looked let me know and I will dig some out of the archive..

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