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02/20/02 A Rare Mid-Week Update
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Welcome to the disneygeek.com Geek Speaks section. In this section I will post my comments on trips to the parks or other Disney related events.

02/20/02 A Rare Mid-Week Update

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I had the rare mid-week visit to Disneyland. Before I start let me say that if you are active duty military take advantage of the great deal Disney has going on. You get into the park for free and you can buy several (do not remember the limit) tickets for your family/friends to use at half price. Its really a great deal and was no trouble at all for the other members of my group who used that to get in.


Disneyland Items:

  • Disneyland was much more crowded than I had anticipated, but nothing to really write home about. Most lines were well under an hour for most of the day.
  • New Orleans Sqaure on toward Critter Country seemed like a ghost town for the most part with only the Huanted Mansion, Canoes, and Tom Sawyer Island open (well I guess technically I should include the DLRR too).
  • People kept commenting on how so much was closed around the park. Still heard quite a few "requests" for the bears. I hope some of those folks are letting the folks at City Hall know how they feel... doubt it though.
  • There was a filming going on all day long in front of the castle. They were setting up first thing in the morning and were there until closing at least... I thought it was rather poor that people who choose this as their one day at Disneyland did not have the opportunity for the classic picture in front of the Castle. (They could still shoot from the sides though, but not the same).

DCA Items:

  • Since they bought a one day one park ticket I spent almost the entire day at Disneyland. I did take a quick cruise through DCA to pick up some fresh carmel corn for a us to munch on though....
  • I strolled through the park (in the main entrance and out the GC gate) at about 3pm). There seemed to be quite a few people moving about in the park. Many more than I anticipated. Soarin' had a healthy line out front.
  • Work continues on the MM wall. They had a blue color test up on the wall. It seems if the entire wall was that color it would be very "bright". (Check out the pictorial update for a shot of it).


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