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02/15/02 The Geek's thoughts on Friday's visit to the parks
 The Geek Speaks:

Welcome to the disneygeek.com Geek Speaks section. In this section I will post my comments on trips to the parks or other Disney related events.

02/15/02 The Geek's thoughts on Friday's visit to the parks

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Friday we had the opportunity to arrive a little earlier than usual at the Resort (also figured it would be nice to get a jump start on the holiday weekend traffic on the Southern California Freeways). I was really surprised when the parking attendant motioned us to go left instead of right toward the ramps in the parking structure. We were parked outside. Looking at the garage it appeared there were cars on every level. I immediately has flashbacks to Christmas crowds two years ago... well luckily for me I over reacted. It seems that many of the levels in the structure only had one car per row instead of two deep. The Lazygeek showed up a couple hours later and he was parked on the roof of the structure. Parking outside was a wash... It was much faster to park and get out, but your car gets extremely cold and damp being outside.

Disneyland Items:

  • Once again there seemed to be alot of people moving around the park, but the lines were really not that bad. Almost all were under an hour. Be sure to check out our "crowd" update later this upcoming week for more details on that.
  • The Walls in Fantasyland have moved over to reveal the new paving and reopen Peter Pan and Mr. Toad. It looks really good.
  • Speaking of looking good... the Mansion looks great. The new carpet smell is still pretty strong, but its better than the old smell (whatever you want to call that).
  • Inside the enhancements made for the Holiday version are great for the normal version too. I was surprised that the "new" library in the ballroom has been shuttered. Hope it becomes part of the standard ride someday... I thought it looked good.
  • The outside of the mansion looks great, they are still working on the roof a bit and the far side. I did not make it around to the cemetary (used FastPass the first time and just walked right on the second time).
  • Tried to visit the AT&T exhibit in innoventions again, but the presentation room "broke down" right before we were to enter. We will have to try again on another trip.
  • Another "Coaster" has shown up for Thrill Ride (the Imagineering roller coaster game). This one is by the kiosks (opposite the original one). My picture did not come out... I will try again soon.
  • I was surprised by the lack of live entertainment in Disneyland. There were no bands performing at the Tomorrowland or Carnation stages. I saw very few regular bands performing around the park too. Add to that the shuttered Fantasyland and Hunchback theaters and Fantasmic and the live entertainment offerings were slim.
  • Believe was great as usual. The crowd was huge and very vocal. Its great to see people so into the show.
  • There is now a Pooh sign up out in Critter Country, but no mention of the attraction or opening date or coming soon or anything. I was shocked. I still miss the bears....
  • OK here comes my "geek" observation of the day. While watching believe the lights above mainstreet usually retract when the soundtrack says "dark as night" about half way into the show. Last night they retracted almost as soon as the show started.

DCA Items:

  • DCA had a slightly larger than normal crowd, but still nothing to write home about. We were still able to find our way onto most attractions with no wait.
  • DEP drew a larger than normal looking crowd (or everyone just packed themselves near the entrance to head over to Disneyland faster).
  • Blast! had a decent crowd at the 7pm show we attended and they were really vocal too. I am really glad DCA finally has a big hit show.
  • DCA has really spoiled us... the Lazygeek refused to go over to Disneyland until after DCA closed because he wanted to "avoid the people" at Disneyland and have the freedom to roam around that you can enjoy right now at DCA.
  • We were also glad to find that the acrobats finally made it on the entertainment schedule. Speaking of entertainment either we missed them or they were gone, but the Improv guys and Groove 66 were no where to be found.


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