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1/28/05 - Some thoughts and observations from this Friday's soggy trip to the Disneyland Resort.
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1/28/05 - Some thoughts and observations from this Friday's soggy trip to the Disneyland Resort.

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Hello all,

Friday was a damp day at the Disneyland Resort. The drive down to the park consisted of periods of heavy rain and heavy traffic. Upon arriving at the Resort I had the unlucky distinction of being the last car in a row, which meant a hike to the escalotors. It was a steady drizzle for the fist 20-30 minutes then the rain cleared for the rest of the trip with even a glimmery of sunlight. The crowds were much more than I was expecting with the miserable weather.. but still fairly light.

Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

Disneyland & DCA:

  • Most of the entertianment offerings were canceled due to the weather. The Mickey's Shining Star Cavalcade was one such event. Also we noted instead of two runnings like last trip it was only scheduled for one run at 2:30 last week, seemed kind of weird.

  • I did catch the rainy day parade, which was a car and the bus with characters cruising down the parade route, I saw it twice.

  • Also listed on the schedule was a new item, Sleeping Beauty's Royal Celebration (at 4 & 5pm). It was canceled due to the weather so no idea what it consisted of. The descrtipion in the guide says "Sleeping Beauty welcomes you - and and with the rest of your favorite Disney Princesses - to a royal celebration in which you are invited to dance and play alojng in a magical unique interactive experience."

  • The Haunted Mansion was back and looking better than ever. Saw three main changes as you saw in the pictorial update. Also it was kind of strange, I was about a dozen guests from boarding our doombuggie and the attraction stopped. A CM went running and afer after about 5 minutes came back with 3 teenage males and escorted them back toward the elevators, the ride resumed then and I was able to board.

  • Over at DCA not much happening. The Mickey's looked like they handled the rain nicely. I found the one I was missing last trip, it was where the Back to School one was when I was there. Also noticed a couple others had moved and a couple have ropes around them now.

  • Was walking down the backlot and Award Weiners smelled good. So I stopped to grab a bite since there was no line.. unfortunately they were close for the day, they closed before 4pm on a Friday! That made no sense to me.

  • Grabbed a bite at White Water Snacks. It used to be one of my favorite places, no longer is that true. Its still a quite place with OK food, but the value of the meals has gone down. For starters the prices have gone up substantially the past 18 months. A good example is to look at the hot dogs. They originally were grilled on a toasted foot long bun. Friday I got a luke warm boiled hotdog on a regular bun, so it hung out on both side. Kind of sad actually.

  • Caught the last Billy Hill show of the evening, walked in a couple minutes before showtime and managed to get a table along the railing upstairs. Great unobstructed view. The show seemed longer than the last one I went to a couple visits ago.

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