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1/20/06 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays trip
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1/20/06 - Some thoughts and observations from Fridays trip

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Hello all,

Hello all,

Friday reminded us of how much we enjoy the off season. Walked in the park and was able to move around freely without running into swarms of guests everywhere. Could get on a couple attractions with no real wait.. plus the bonus excitement of several projects underway to watch progress. As you saw in the pictorial update and will see in the crowd shots the parks were both in full off season mode with mild wait times. We found it interesting that Monsters was about triple the wait of Tower of Terror most of the afternoon, will be interesting to see over time if this evens out or stays this way. (We are betting it will go down but could easily stay in the 20 minute range with tower a near walk on most of the time). It was great to show up right after Remember started and be able to find a spot on Main Street..


Trip logs and mileage reports are in the Park Miles section.

DCA & Disneyland Notes:

  • A couple of entertainment notes.. since it is off season the park has really down shifted in terms of live entertainment offerings. The Electrical Parade at DCA is taking a break. The Parade of Dreams at Disneyland is even down while they work on the pavement around the hub. We did encounter quite a few characters roaming the parks. Also seeing the Disneyland Band in a mid afternoon set was nice. I thought its also a good time to continue my ongoing mini-rant about Club Buzz. I want to know what happened to the old variety they used to book. I remember a time where you could see Elvis one week, the Beatles a couple weeks later, Barrage (a Canadian Fiddle group), followed by the Eagles. Now a days it seems to be a tight rotation of bands that play much more modern music. I really miss the old groups. Plus I always complained because there was almost never a country group (unless you count Barrage). I know there is always Billy Hill over in Frontierland, but a modern country act would fit in as much as someone playing a rock song... oh well, maybe someday..

  • Speaking of fitting in, in the pictorial update I mentioned the how the concept of Good Show has really been abandon in Disneyland in some cases.. and I cited the Segway rolling through Critter Country, NOS, and Frontierland as such a case.. I have thought about it after receiving a couple of emails and I stick by those comments. I really do not understand how/why this should be allowed. Same if I saw one on Main Street. The only land these really fit in is Tomorrowland. Guess I am a little old fashioned here..
  • Went for a second spin on Monsters Inc this trip. Still have a great impression of the attraction. The attention to detail and gags while going through the attraction is great! We were surprised that the ride broke down again, this time we were probably 50 guests back from getting on instead of 10 like last time. We waited nearly 30 minutes for them to recycle and get us on. Again when it went down the audio as well as most of the air flow went down too. We just posted a couple press releases and photos from the opening of Monsters Inc (the celebrity party was Sunday and the public opening today, 1/23), check out the press release section for more information.
  • It was great to see the Lilly Belle back on the tracks too. We saw her roll by on a couple of occasions and saw people inside on one (wonder what the rules are to get in, if its still Club 33 only or just invited guests, anyone know...).
  • Not much else to report really.. it was a fairly uneventful trip and its off season so I will keep this short.

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