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  • Page Number: 1
    Onboard and leaving the Riviera Station at 1:09pm
    Regular traffic flow now vs this morning to enter the resort.
    Looking across at the other portion of the line.
  • Page Number: 2
    This large crane is backstage at Epcot and is being used to move barges for the new fireworks show.
    Spaceship Earth
    Some of the sights of Epcot over the treeline.
  • Page Number: 3
    The American Adventure
    Buena Vista Drive
    Approaching Epcot you get a great view of the France Expansion work.
  • Page Number: 4
    Here is a video of the approach. This is from a cell phone and I was taking still too so it is a little jumpy.
  • Page Number: 5
    The building on the far left appears to be restrooms.
    The green to the right appears to be queue space or maybe dining space.
    The main show building in the background and in the foreground a utility area.
  • Page Number: 6
    Looking up the walkway that you will use to enter/exit the area. To the left is the International Gateway.
  • Page Number: 7
    A better view of the concrete work going this direction thanks to the suns location this afternoon.
  • Page Number: 8
    Approaching the International Gateway.
    The gateway renovation work is just about done. Only a couple walls remained during my visit.
    A sign for the Friendship Boats. FYI it was 12 minutes travel time from Riviera to here.
  • Page Number: 9
    Norway across World Showcase Lagoon.
    The restrooms were open at World Showplace today.
  • Page Number: 10
    Canadian Holiday Voyageurs performing.
  • Page Number: 11
    The new temporary Starbucks racing toward completion, it is adjacent to new restrooms and the Refreshment port.
    The new restrooms look to be just about finished.
  • Page Number: 12
    Innoventions West is stripped down to the steel in most areas and soon will be completely gone.
  • Page Number: 13
    This corner is still somewhat intact. Looks like they were testing some colors or something on it.
    Wonders of Life dome with the Guardians building looming beyond it.
  • Page Number: 14
    Moving around to the center side to check on the Innoventions work.
  • Page Number: 15
  • Page Number: 16
  • Page Number: 17
    Walking through Mousegear
  • Page Number: 18
  • Page Number: 19
    The newest color to hit store shelves.
  • Page Number: 20
    A look at the Innovention demo work from near the Electric Umbrella/Mouse Gear walkway.
  • Page Number: 21
  • Page Number: 22
  • Page Number: 23
  • Page Number: 24
    The Art of Disney has been closed as they prepare to start removing this half of Innoventions West.
    Walls up along the walkway from Art of Disney to the restrooms where a new walkway is being added heading toward the Seas.
  • Page Number: 25
    Spaceship Earth
  • Page Number: 26
    On the opposite side another walkway being added. You can see right through now.
    Current popcorn bucket choices.
  • Page Number: 27
    The trees between Wonders of Life and Mission Space are gone.
    A water refill station at this drinking fountain in Epcot Experience.
  • Page Number: 28
    Cranes where a new hotel tower will soon be rising.
    Passing by Norway
    Paused in Germany for some caramel corn.
  • Page Number: 29
    Hmm.. no pasta in Italy right now.
    The flowers look night for a backdrop but I enjoyed the open view and being able to walk through here.
  • Page Number: 30
  • Page Number: 31
    The standby line was already stretching toward Italy and it was 2 hours before the first Candlelight.
  • Page Number: 32
    Pat Sajak was the narrator this evening.
    Not a lot of visible progress on the Smokehouse.
  • Page Number: 33
    The Art of Disney has taken over the small gift shop to the right at the American Adventure.
    A look around inside.
  • Page Number: 34
  • Page Number: 35
  • Page Number: 36
    This corner had some interesting Disney history.
  • Page Number: 37
  • Page Number: 38
  • Page Number: 39
  • Page Number: 40
  • Page Number: 41
  • Page Number: 42
    The Guardians building is massive.
    Pavement replacement in France continues. They started in the back and are working their way forward section by section overnight.
  • Page Number: 43
    Here you can see old on the right, recent on the top and less recent but replaced on the left.
    Where the old meets new.
    More sections of the old are cut and ready for removal.
  • Page Number: 44
    This area still looks so bare without the trees.
    Temporary concrete where the trees used to be. Assuming this will blend in once they redo this area.
  • Page Number: 45
    Goofy near the International Gateway walkway
    Minnie Mouse (and Mickey was nearby) at the International Gateway.
    Back at the Boardwalk to relax for a few minutes before heading to dinner. If you were curious on time it was 15 minutes from Minnie Mouse to here.

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