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    4:46am - We were up early and so is the sun in Tokyo. It was cloudy but not raining yet. A look around out our window.
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    A closer look at the Fantasy Springs hotel.
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    A closer look at the Toy Story Hotel.
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    The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
    The bus stops in the Tokyo Disneyland parking lot are being rebuilt.
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    This construction is for the new Space Mountain project.
    Back to the Fantasy Springs Hotel
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    Cinderella Castle
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    A closer look at some of the Fantasy Springs work inside Tokyo DisneySea.
    The north mountain in the Frozen area
    The Peter Pan area
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    The Arabian Coast area of Tokyo DisneySea
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    The large building in the center is Soarig at DisneySea. The top portion is visible from in the park.
    The Toy Story Hotel
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    Looking across the park.
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    Tokyo Disneyland Parking Structure
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    The Fantasy Springs Hotel entrance
    This parking lot behind the hotel was used by construction workers.
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    Video: Toy Story Resort Line Monorail
    6:05am - The first Monorail of the morning doing its test run. It opens at 6:30am.
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    We went downstairs at 7am for breakfast at the Lounge.
    The Lounge opens at 7am on the nose.. before then the doors are closed.
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    There is a variety of seating choices inside and outside in the lounge.
    There was one TV that had a CNN International/Highlights channel on, but it was muted.
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    A look at some of the food that was available. My timing was bad and people were always in the other areas so here is a first look, more to come on later days.
    The toppings and spreads that were available.
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    Checking the weather forecast for the week. Today we were taking it easy and visiting the hotels.
    The entrance to the lounge as I was leaving
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    Took a walk to the end of the driveway to see what I could see.
    Water bottles are no longer in the room. Instead there are filling stations by the ice.
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    The elevator lobby on the 11th floor
    Looking down the hallway.
    The center portion of the hotel is a split hallway with an atrium in the middle. This was the view outside our room.
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    A closer look at the lighting controls for the room. Also there was a button to indicate do not disturb or to have your room made up.
    8:38am - Took a walk over to look at Tokyo Bay. Unfortunately it started to drizzle on us then rain so I did not take many pictures this visit.
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    I wanted to walk down to the Toy Story Hotel but the rain was picking up so this was as close as I got before turning around.
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    The Fantasy Springs Hotel sign is installed and ready to go.
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    The Fantasy Springs Hotel driveway.
    A walkway to the park/hotel by Bayside Station.
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    Bayside Station
  • Page Number: 30
    From Bayside Station a look at the construction.
    This appears to be the park entrance area.
    From above.
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    Looking at the entrance to the hotel
  • Page Number: 32
    Fantasy Springs from the end of the station platform.
  • Page Number: 33
    Looking across the street at the Toy Story Hotel
  • Page Number: 34
    Mt. Prometheus in the distance
    Boarding the Resort Liner
  • Page Number: 35
    A look out the front window. The rain was falling.
    Looking out the window at the Fantasy Springs work as we pulled away from the station heading toward the Tokyo DisneySea station.
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