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  • Page Number: 1
    Waiting for Fantasmic to start as the sun was setting. The show was scheduled for 5:30pm. This was taken about 5:10pm
    15th Anniversary and Christmas on the light posts, but not lit up.
    Looking back at the hotel.
  • Page Number: 2
    Very dark and hard to tell but cast members were folding down the railings so wheelchair guests could see.
    Show time. Here Fantasmic is done in the round on the main lagoon.
  • Page Number: 3
    The opening utilizes LEDs on the hat instead of water screens.
  • Page Number: 4
    Water screens are used in the back, but from my vantage point they were hard to see.
    Large floats feature dancers and inflatables for the next segment.
  • Page Number: 5
    Here you can sort of see the water screen, but hard to make out the image.
  • Page Number: 6
    Fireworks from around the lagoon.
    Stitch takes over the show.
    A wider shot.
  • Page Number: 7
    Angel was on a speedboat cruising around.
    A little hard to get her from my angle.
  • Page Number: 8
    Large projection balloons inflate on the barges.
    Here you can see all four inflated and moving around the waterway.
  • Page Number: 9
    Friend Like Me segment.
  • Page Number: 10
    Moving into the Princess Medley.
  • Page Number: 11
    The Magic Mirror as we transition to the Villains segment.
  • Page Number: 12
    The old Hag appears in the mirror.
  • Page Number: 13
    Fire erupts.
    As does Mt. Prometheus.
  • Page Number: 14
    Maleficent in Dragon Form takes center stage.
  • Page Number: 15
    She breaths fire and sets the water on fire.
  • Page Number: 16
    Mickey is ready to battle Maleficent.
    Spoiler... Mickey wins.. just like here in the states.
    The characters all appear on the barges for the finale.
  • Page Number: 17
  • Page Number: 18
  • Page Number: 19
    Mickey appears for the finale.
  • Page Number: 20
    A video clip from the finale.

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