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The Walt Disney Family Museum Boasts Record Numbers in 2012
Under CEO Gabriella C. Calicchio’s Direction

San Francisco, CA (February 25, 2013)—2012 was a banner year for The Walt Disney Family Museum and new CEO, Gabriella C. Calicchio. Since her arrival in November 2011, annual attendance has increased by 13 percent from 90,000 to 103,000, the number of member households has increased by 43 percent, and the Museum welcomed a 25 percent increase in group sales. 

Under Calicchio’s direction, the Museum developed its first-ever, five-year strategic plan, launched an exhibitions program, and opened the first major special exhibition—Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Creation of a Classic, which was celebrated by visitors and critics alike. In the intimate theater gallery, the Museum presented two additional exhibitions—Heinrich Kley: From Fantasy to Fantasia and Between Frames: The Magic Behind Stop Motion Animation. The exhibitions have been popular among a wide variety of Bay Area visitors, including young professionals, seniors, and students, as well as tourists and cultural travelers.

Museum co-founder and Board President Walter Elias Disney Miller states, “With a renewed leadership in management that brought us the collaborative development of The Walt Disney Family Museum strategic plan along with our staff and volunteers—who are the heart and soul of this Museum—we now have a clear vision to guide us towards the best museum experience we can offer our visitors while showcasing the legacy of not only my grandfather Walt Disney, but also the men and women of his organization that brought his dreams to life through inspiration and innovation.”

The Walt Disney Family Foundation also added important works to the collection last year including the Ingeborg Willy scrapbook which offers a glimpse into the ink and paint department with candid photographs, memos, time cards, and pay stubs; a collection of concept art (28 thumbnail paintings and 3 large paintings) by Eyvind Earle made in the 1950s for Walt Disney’s film Lady and the Tramp; and the Ickeymay Ousmay Coat of Arms which was painted on Walt Disney’s office door at the Hyperion Studio in 1930 in Pig Latin, and remained on the door until after his death in 1966.

Calicchio created a Department of Public Engagement, connecting education and public programs, to ensure the museum delivers meaningful lifelong learning experiences that honor the legacy of Walt Disney and inspire visitors of all ages to explore their own potential as producers, creators and innovators. With this new direction Calicchio and her team have dramatically expanded programming to include an Open Studio initiative, masters classes from artists and industry professionals and created new opportunities for educational and community partnerships. Beginning in July of last year, the Museum launched the bi-monthly after-hours party, Animate Your Night! to enormous success, and established a Development Department which successfully secured corporate sponsorships from Wells Fargo and PG&E.

The Museum Store enjoyed its busiest months in history and sold over 500 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Creation of a Classic exhibition catalogues, some 1700 collectible character figurines, and more than 12,000 exclusive Walt Disney Family Museum pins.

2012 Highlights

 There are always new programs, workshops, events, and activities happening at The Walt Disney Family Museum! Check www.waltdisney.org/calendar for more detailed info and tickets.

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The Walt Disney Family Museum presents the fascinating story and achievements of Walt Disney, the man who raised animation to an art, transformed the film industry, tirelessly pursued innovation, and created a global and distinctively American legacy. Opened in October 2009, the 40,000 square foot facility features the newest technology and historic materials and artifacts to bring Disney’s achievements to life, with interactive galleries that include early drawings and animation, movies, music, listening stations, a spectacular model of Disneyland and much more.

10am to 6pm, Wednesdays through Monday; closed on Tuesdays and the following public holidays: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Free for members | General: $20 adults, $15 seniors and students, $12 youth under 17, free for children 5 and under

104 Montgomery Street, The Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 94129