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Tokyo Disneyland to Celebrate Disney's Easter
March 25 through June 15, 2016

URAYASU, CHIBA—Tokyo Disneyland® Park will celebrate springtime with the special event, "Disney's Easter," from March 25 through June 15, 2016. This year Mickey Mouse will host an Easter egg race in a "secret Easter garden" filled with whimsical flowers and plants. The Disney Friends and the Easter bunnies will create a fun and active special event overflowing with whimsy. "Disney's Easter" will provide a wonderful opportunity for Guests to spend the colorful springtime season at Tokyo Disneyland with their family and friends.

Presented along the parade route will be "Hippity-Hoppity Springtime," themed to a "secret Easter garden." In this fun and entertaining parade with new music, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their Disney pals will be wearing new costumes with bunny ears. And when the parade makes a stop, Guests can join in an exciting egg race.

Guests can experience "Disney's Easter" at the Park in a unique way with the "Egg Hunt in Tokyo Disneyland" program (separate fee). Participants search for colorful Easter eggs hidden all around the Park by the Easter bunnies, using a map with hints on the eggs'whereabouts. This year the program will be offered in three levels of difficulty, so Guests can choose the course they want to attempt.

Also, the Disney Ambassador® Hotel, the Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel and the Disney Resort Line will each offer programs for "Disney's Easter" for everyone to enjoy.

Entertainment Program

Hippity-Hoppity Springtime
Venue: Parade Route
Duration: About 40 minutes
Performances: 2-3 Daily
Number of Performers: About 100
Number of Floats: 7

A happy, whimsical parade set in a "secret Easter garden," "Hippity-Hoppity Springtime" features the Disney Friends and Easter bunnies celebrating "Disney's Easter." This year the Disney Friends wear new costumes with bunny ears, and the parade music has been changed. The parade stops in three locations for an egg race hosted by Mickey Mouse. On Mickey's command, the Disney Friends and the Easter bunnies get the Guests involved in this lively egg race.

Parade Units Unit Theme Disney Characters Appearing on Float
1 The entrance to the Easter Garden where Minnie Mouse and the Easter Bunnies welcome visitors. Minnie Mouse, White Rabbit
2 A lively atelier where Goofy and Max are trying to paint eggs with lots of colors. Goofy, Max, Brer Rabbi
3 A whimsical garden where Thumper and Miss Bunny are enjoying an egg hunt.
Thumper, Miss Bunny
4 A gym where Mickey Mouse and his pals are training for the egg race. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto
5 A school where Pooh's friend Rabbit is teaching ways to enjoy Easter. Huey, Dewey, Louie, Rabbit
6 A kitchen where Chip 'n Dale are preparing the Easter bunnies' favorite food. Chip 'n Dale
7 The Easter Bunnies' grand ball where Daisy Duck and her friends dance joyfully. Daisy Duck, Clarice, Marie

Note: The parade will stop at three locations – between Westernland and Fantasyland, around the Plaza and between Toontown and Tomorrowland.

Themed Entertainment

The members of the Tokyo Disneyland Band and the Bicycle Piano entertainer will be dressed in special costumes for "Disney's Easter."

Note: Venue differs depending on the performance time.
Note: Entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions, etc.

Guest Activity Program

Egg Hunt in Tokyo Disneyland (in Japanese only)
A fun way to enjoy "Disney's Easter" at the Park is the "Egg Hunt in Tokyo Disneyland" program where Guests use hints written on a special map to find the Easter eggs that the Easter bunnies have hidden around the Park. This year the program is offered in three courses of different levels of difficulty. By selecting the course that best suits them, Guests can enjoy the program even more. Guests who find the correct eggs for their course will receive a prize, which will differ depending on the course attempted.

Beginner Course (Difficulty Level: Low)
Using the hints written on the Beginners Course map, Guests must find the correct eggs from among the Easter eggs that the Easter bunnies have hidden in various spots around the Park.
Prize: Beginner Medal
Fee: 510 yen

Expert Course (Difficulty Level: Medium)
This course is much more difficult than the Beginner Course. The Easter eggs for this course have been painted to blend into the Park facilities and decorations. Using the puzzling hints that the Easter bunnies have written on the Expert Course map, Guests must find the correct eggs.
Prize: Expert Medal
Fee: 1,030 yen

Master Course (Difficulty Level: High)
The level of difficulty for this course is a step up from the Expert Course. The Easter bunnies have written even more puzzling hints on the Master Course map that Guests must use to find the correct eggs.
Prize: Master Medal
Fee: 1,030 yen

Sign-Up Locations:

  • Sign up for the Beginner Course, Expert Course and Master Course is at the event booth in the Plaza, Ice Cream Cones and Cleo's.
  • Sign up for the Beginner Course only is at Space Place FoodPort, Toontone Treats and Captain Hook's Galley.

Goal: Egg Hunt Prize Pick-Up Location (outside the Main Entrance)


This spring, Tokyo Disneyland will be decked out with colorful Easter eggs and decorations that show the Disney Friends and the Easter bunnies having fun with egg races.

The decoration amidst the flowers at the Park entrance shows the Easter bunnies getting in shape for the egg races under the direction of Mickey Mouse, while Minnie Mouse holds pompoms to cheer the bunnies on.

At the Plaza in front of Cinderella Castle, Guests will be able to enjoy Easter bunnies having an egg race with Goofy, Max and Pluto. Other Easter bunnies are having a red-and-white egg tossing competition with Donald Duck and Daisy.

And at the flowerbed in front of Crystal Palace Restaurant, there will be a decoration showing Chip 'n Dale and the Easter bunnies harvesting vegetables to deliver to the restaurant.


Special Merchandise

Approximately 130 different types of special merchandise for "Disney's Easter" will go on sale. "Bunny ear" headbands and sun visors like the bunny ears worn by the Disney Friends can be purchased by Guests and worn while they are in the Park. Available in white, pink, or blue, the "bunny ear" headbands can be customized with bows, chicks, carrots and other clip-ons (total of five types, all sold separately), to create a unique look to wear while enjoying "Disney's Easter."

Guests will also find flags and pompoms to use during "Hippity-Hoppity Springtime" while they cheer on the Disney Friends in the parade's egg race.

Other merchandise will include pastel-colored masking tape and tumblers with designs of Miss Bunny, Thumper and other cute bunnies. Embroidered patches and stationery items will feature designs of Easter eggs themed to the Disney Friends.

Notes: Special merchandise will be sold starting March 24, 2016.
Special merchandise items are available in limited numbers and may sell out.

Special Menus

Guests can enjoy the Easter event with approximately 15 various types of colorful, whimsical and tasty dishes. Decorations at Crystal Palace Restaurant will be themed to an egg race and the special buffet will offer colorful dishes with motifs of the egg race, eggs and bunnies.

The special set at Grandma Sara's Kitchen includes a dish that looks like it is coming out of an egg. At Captain Hook's Galley, a colorful pizza with eggs and vegetables is made in the image of an Easter garden. Other locations will also offer menus with souvenirs that have designs of an egg race.

Note: Special menus will be served starting March 19, and menus with souvenirs will be served starting March 24.

Disney Hotels

At the Disney Ambassador Hotel and the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Guests will be able to enjoy the Park's "Disney's Easter" ambience. During the special event period, both hotels will provide room keys with a limited-period design of Mickey Mouse and his friends in "Disney's Easter" costumes. Two types of egg-shaped postcards with different designs exclusive to each hotel will be available in all the guest rooms. Guests are welcome to take the room keys and postcards home as mementos of their stay.

In addition, the Disney Ambassador Hotel will offer Guest rooms with decorations themed to "Disney's Easter." Guests staying at this hotel can also participate in a complimentary egg hunt program that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults. Even after returning to the hotel, Guests will be able to experience a spring-like moment filled with the fun of "Disney's Easter."

The restaurants and lounges at both the Disney Ambassador Hotel and the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will be serving special menus that feature dishes using colorful ingredients of the season.

Overview of Disney Ambassador Hotel Guest Rooms
Decorated for "Disney's Easter"
Period: From March 25 to check-in on June 15, 2016
Applicable Rooms: 18 Deluxe Rooms in the Standard Floor category
Room Rate per Night: 50,400 to 68,900 yen (room capacity: 3 adults)
Note: Room rate depends on the day.
Reservations Accepted: From 9:00 a.m., December 28, 2015
Note: Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package® sales will begin from 11:00 a.m.
Reservation Method: To book a room only:
Contact Tokyo Disney Resort Reservations Center at
Note: From overseas, and from some mobile phones and IP phones, please call 045-330-5711.
Or visit Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation website at reserve.tokyodisneyresort.jp (in Japanese only)
To book a Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package:
Visit reserve.tokyodisneyresort.jp (in Japanese only) to book the Tokyo Disneyland "Enjoy 'Disney's Easter' for 2DAYS" or other packages that include the rooms decorated for "Disney's Easter."

Disney Resort Line

At the Resort Gateway Station of the Disney Resort Line, Easter egg decorations inspired by the Disney Friends will welcome Guests and let them enjoy the atmosphere of "Disney's Easter" from the moment they arrive at the Resort. In addition, day pass tickets with a limited period design linked to "Disney's Easter" will go on sale.