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What’s the Hawaiian Word for ‘Word’? Sip Cocktails and Learn Hawaiian at The ‘Olelo Room

KO OLINA, Hawaii – Aulani is about discovery and fun, including entertaining ways to practice your Hawaiian language skills. In The ‘Ōlelo Room lounge, most everything is labeled with Hawaiian terms. And if guests need a little help, the bartenders all speak Hawaiian.

Appropriately named, ‘Ōlelo (pronounced oh-leh-low) is the Hawaiian word for “word, language or to converse,” making it the ideal place to enjoy becoming more conversant in Hawaiian. When guests look down, they’ll see papahele, the Hawaiian word for floor, spelled out in beautiful tile work.  Dozens of shadow boxes above the bar display wooden carvings of everyday objects labeled with their Hawaiian language terms: for instance, mokulele is airplane, wa’a is canoe, he’e is octopus, pu’uwai is heart.

Located in the main building on the lower level, the lounge has a design inspired by the “streamline moderne” style of the 1940s, emphasizing curving forms and long horizontal lines. The pub-like spot offers cocktails and small plates, as well as a daily continental breakfast.

Cool starters include pristine sashimi, ahi poke, a fresh shrimp summer roll and a cheese platter with both domestic and imported cheeses with Lehua honey and sweet pohā berry compote.  Hot plates include steamed Manila clams with Portuguese sausage and sweet gypsy peppers, squid rings, Kobe beef sliders and sweet potato fries. For a sweet ending, the miniature dessert sampler features chocolate mousse with a toasted brownie, coconut panna cotta with braised pineapple and macadamia nut cheesecake with guava pate de fruit.

Delightful cocktails such as the wild hibiscus sparkling Champagne, eco-tini, tropical mai tai and Big Island iced tea are among more than a dozen specialty drinks. If you prefer non-alcoholic, go for the pineapple ginger splash, passion colada, sparkling island spice cooler and/or liliko’i splash. Beer fans can choose from four local drafts: Big Wave Golden Ale, Fire Rock Pale Ale, Longboard Island Lager or the seasonal Aloha Series, as well as a selection of bottled beers.

More words you’ll find at ‘Ōlelo:

  • mai’a – banana
  • paikikala – bicycle
  • moku – boat
  • pahupa’iki’i – camera
  • waiūpa’a – cheese
  • moa – chicken
  • ao – clouds
  • niu – coconut
  • ‘ilio – dog
  • pinao – dragonfly
  • pahu – drums
  • i’a – fish
  • pua – flower
  • kalipa aniani – glass slipper
  • pāpale – hat
  • mo’o – lizard
  • mahina – moon
  • mauna – mountain
  • ‘iole – mouse
  • waha – mouth
  • kai – ocean
  • ‘alani – orange
  • pua’a – pig
  • hala kahiki – pineapple
  • ānuenue – rainbow
  • pūpū – shell
  • palule – shirt
  • papa he’e nalu – surfboard
  • ‘au’au – swimming
  • kelepona – telephone
  • palaki – toothbrush
  • kalaka – truck
  • lua pele – volcano

And some word pronunciations you might need to know at Aulani:

  • ‘AMA’AMA restaurant (ah-mah-ah-mah)
  • Aulani (ow-lah-nee)
  • Laniwai Spa (lah-nee-vai)
  • Maka’ala lobby (mah-kah ah-lah)
  • Makahiki restaurant (mah-kah-hee-kee)
  • Makai Preserve (muh-kye)
  • Makaloa wedding lawn (mah-kah-loh-ah)
  • Menehune Adventure Trail (meh-neh-hoo-neh)
  • Waikolohe Valley (wy-ko-loh-heh)