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D23’s Armchair Archivists Premiere Podcast

Premiere Episode Highlights Include:

A welcome to the show from hosts Josh Turchetta and Steve Czarnecki
A rare glimpse at Walt's last publicly shown appearance, thought to be long lost!
An up close look at some of the items from Walt Disney's office!

Every week, “D23's Armchair Archivists” will take you inside the vaults of the Walt Disney Archives, exploring the greatest treasures that make up Disney's magical legacy. Hosted by two avid Disney fans, Steve Czarnecki and Josh Turchetta, the show will tour the Archives, Disney warehouses and even collectors' homes to uncover Disney treasures. "It gives us the chance to reflect and look back at all the treasures we have," Steven Clark, head of D23. "And in addition to all the classic items, we'll be introducing new assets as well — including set pieces and costumes like those we recently received from the TRON: Legacy production team."