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Fanciful Fountains Take Center Stage in Spectacular ‘World of Color’ Show at Disney California Adventure Park

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Five years in the making, the nighttime water show “World of Color” will surpass all Disney water productions with stunning special effects in the picturesque Paradise Bay at Disney California Adventure park. While the larger-than-life animated projections, lasers, fog, fire and music will create a strong supporting cast for the dazzling production, the real “stars” of the show are the nearly 1,200 programmable fountains that can be found waiting in the wings just beneath the surface of the bay.

Eight different types of computerized and synchronized fountains create a giant underwater lattice of these geyser-inducing gushers, bringing Disney animation to life like never before.

The breakthrough “stars” of “World of Color” are:

Grid Fountains: Living up to their mechanical moniker, Grid Fountains cover the entire underwater platform for “World of Color” in a network that creates a vast “ensemble cast” of aquatic actors. Positioned eight feet apart, these vertical fountains are capable of firing water up to 40 feet in the air. Their on-stage specialty is creating massive, three-dimensional designs, such as a whale moving through the lagoon.

Chaser Fountains: Always “chasing” applause from fountain fans, more than 400 Chaser Fountains create lightning-fast effects that follow – or “chase” – each other in rapid-fire succession. Engineered with a unique stop-action valve, these up-and-down fountains allow booming beads of water to be projected up to 80 feet high, creating artistic patterns above the water’s surface.

Single Water Whip Fountains: While their name doesn’t imply “grace,” the Single Water Whip Fountains are some of the most graceful and elegant featured in “World of Color.” With independently moving heads that can sway in any direction and project water more than 100 feet in a vertical pattern, more than 75 Single Water Whip Fountains join together to perform a mesmerizing ballet.

Dual Water Whip Fountains: A close sibling to the Single Water Whip Fountains, Dual Water Whip Fountains create not only vertical patterns, they also can transform water into wider, fan-like designs. Combined, these water wizards create a 380-foot projection surface which rises 50 feet in the air at the rear of the underwater platform. In theatre parlance, the 65 Dual Water Whip Fountains create an ultimate cyclorama on Paradise Bay – a water screen that measures more than 19,000 square feet.

Flower Spout Fountains: One dozen Flower Spout Fountains pepper the platform beneath the surface of Paradise Bay. Among the most versatile actors in the show’s aqueous cast of players, these fountains have nozzles that can shoot high-velocity streams of big, frothy water and then easily transition the shape of those streams into a “blooming” 60-foot-wide flower petal.

Dancer Fountains: Six Dancer Fountains perform in “World of Color,” with swirling dual nozzles that create intertwining streams of water. Much like dancers performing in a Broadway theater company, their graceful, choreographed movements create a sprightly scene to complement the cast.

Butterfly Fountains: A delicate quartet of Butterfly Fountains creates a smooth and serene effect, fluttering just above the water’s surface throughout “World of Color.” With butterfly-like wings, they deliver smooth, yet stunning patterns.

Geyser Fountains: The most “vocal” member of the “World of Color” fountain cast, Geyser Fountains launch 40 gallons of water at once, creating a distinct “pop” sound that echoes throughout the bay. Along with being the loudest of the performers, the 10 Geyser Fountains also live up to their name by being the most powerful; each Geyser Fountain can shoot huge bursts of water that reach 200 feet into the sky.

These eight versatile performers make their debut June 11. While they are apt to respond to applause with grateful encores, no autographs, please.