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Disneyland Makes "Thanksgiving Dreams Come True” For National Thanksgiving Turkey… and Some Lucky Holiday Travelers

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Nov. 22, 2006) - - It’s truly a “Thanksgiving Dream Come True” for the National Thanksgiving Turkey.  Following today’s traditional Presidential pardon of the National Thanksgiving Turkey in the White House Rose Garden, Flyer and his alternate Fryer will be rushed by police escort to Dulles International Airport.  Upon arrival, the birds will “fly” First-Class on United Airlines Flight Turkey-1 to their new home at Disneyland.

In addition to the turkeys having their “Thanksgiving Dreams Come True,” every passenger and crew member on United Flight Flyer is in for a special surprise.  In celebration of Disney Parks “Year of a Million Dreams,” everyone on board will be greeted by Mickey Mouse and given a ticket to Disneyland—the place where dreams come true.

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The trip from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles will mark the second consecutive year that the National Thanksgiving Turkey has celebrated his pardon at Disneyland. Accompanied by National Turkey Federation Chairman Mike Briggs, Flyer, a 20-week-old, 36-pound tom turkey, will be the grand marshal in a special Thanksgiving Day parade down Main Street U.S.A.  Following the parade, Flyer his alternate Fryer will find a home at Santa’s Reindeer Round-Up at Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland, where they’ll remain throughout the holidays and the rest of their lives.

“It is a true honor and once-in-a-lifetime experience for my family and me to represent our industry at the White House during the National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation,” said Briggs.  “This event plays such an important role in what is a uniquely American holiday, and the turkey industry is very proud to be associated with both.  Having the opportunity for the National Thanksgiving Turkey to be invited again to participate in the Disneyland parade is a wonderful bonus,” Briggs added.

U.S. President Harry S. Truman was the first Commander-in-Chief to be presented with a Thanksgiving turkey (in 1947) by the National Turkey Federation. This year’s presentation marks the 59th anniversary of a tradition that has continued through 10 successive White House administrations. The 2006 National Thanksgiving Turkey was raised on a farm outside Springfield, Missouri.

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The National Turkey Federation is the advocate for all segments of the U.S. turkey industry, providing services and conducting activities, which increase demand for its members’ products and protect and enhance the ability to effectively and profitably provide wholesome, high quality, nutritious turkey products.