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ANAHEIM, Calif. (July 14, 2005) – The stars were shining today in Hollywood as Disneyland was honored on the occasion of its milestone 50th anniversary by the Hollywood Historic Trust and Johnny Grant, Honorary Mayor of Hollywood.

In recognition of its pioneering status as an entirely new genre of family entertainment, Disneyland received the coveted Award of Excellence during a 10:30am ceremony in front of Disney’s Soda Fountain and Studio Store on Hollywood Boulevard (next to the historic El Capitan Theatre).

Accepting the award in person on behalf of Disneyland and its 20,000 cast members was Michael D. Eisner, chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company, Robert Iger, CEO-elect and president of The Walt Disney Company and the inimitable Mickey Mouse. Joining them were an additional eye-popping cast of 49 Disney Characters on-hand to celebrate the moment.

“On behalf of our 20,000 Disneyland Cast Members, we are delighted to be recognized by the Hollywood Historic Trust with this wonderful honor bestowed upon Disneyland on the occasion of its 50th anniversary,” said Eisner. “Like Hollywood and the timeless movies it’s world renowned for, Disneyland is more than a national treasure, it is a treasured experience to be passed from one generation to the next.”

The Award of Excellence is given to organizations that have made significant contributions to the Hollywood community and the entertainment industry. A brass plaque was unveiled and placed adjacent to the constellation of stars along the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“Walt was -- without question -- a fountain of talent. He used his gift to not only change the face of family entertainment, but to revolutionize the entertainment industry as a whole,” stated Iger. “It is a great pleasure to be honored for one of Walt’s greatest creative achievements, for the fantastic legacy of Disneyland, and for its 50 years of imagination, creativity, adventure, excellence and, of course, memories.”