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Thor: Ragnarok

General Information:

Media Type: Home Video
Type: Bluuray - Open Edition
Release Date: 2018-03-06

Geek's Thoughts: Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok is now on home video in various formats (DVD/Blu-Ray/4K/Digital HD/Movies Anywhere). In this third Thor film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor is in a race to return to Asgard to save his home world from destruction at the hands of Hela (his sister and the Goddess of Death).


This home video release of Thor: Ragnarok includes a slew of bonus material. Including a full length commentary, 11 featurettes, 3 extended scenes and 5 deleted scenes. For a full listing of all the bonus material here is the original Thor: Ragnarok Home Video press release & trailer.

The featurettes highlight some of the comic book inspirations for this film, the worlds the characters visit and the action that unfolds. They also discuss the cast and their roles as well as Taika Waititi (the director) and the new style he brought to Marvel. Watching these featurettes it appears the cast had as much fun making the film as it was to watch. The humor that comes through in the final product is present throughout the features. For those of you who are Darryl fans there is a new short featuring him and his new roommate now that Thor is gone. Also present are two 8-bit sequences. For a preview of some of the bonus features here are several Thor: Ragnarok Bonus Feature Teasers I am not a big comic book person so I found the featurettes showing the inspiration and how sequences, events, characters evolved from the comics to the screen the most interesting. It helped to give context and meaning to some scenes and worlds that I just did not know about watching the film the first time through. I would have liked to have seen more of a commentary to go with the 8 extended/deleted scenes to give some context/explanation to them.

I watched the bonus features through MoviesAnywhere which include a couple extra deleted scenes and one featurette not found on the blu-ray. It appears the directors commentary is not available on the digital version though.

This is a solid first home video release of Thor: Ragnarok. There is a fair amount of bonus material covering a wide range of topics. If you enjoyed the film in theaters you most likely find the featurettes interesting and have a good time watching them.

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