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The Emperor's New Groove - Ultimate 2 Disc Edition

General Information:

Media Type: Home Video
Release Date: 2001-05-01

Geek's Thoughts: Disk 1 contains the movie as well as some trailers and a game and a music video. Disk 2 contains all the bonus material about the making of the movie and the animation process.

The first disk contains the movie, and you have the normal DVD options of aspect ratio and sound. The tranfer looks really sharp for the most part to my untrained eye. Disney has also stopped forcing you to watch the trailers when you pop the disk in. You have to access them through the menu. The Atlantis trailer I thought was really good. There was a Snow White one for the upcoming DVD release and I found it really strange. There were also a couple other ones too.

I have not tried the DVD rom game (or the bundled Atlantis computer game yet).

Overall I really enjoyed the bonus material on this DVD. The process is hosted by Director Mark Dindal and Producer Randy Fullmer. These two seemed a little over the top at times, but they were entertaining to watch. One option that we really enjoyed on this bonus DVD was the option to just sit back and watch it all. It had a continuous play mode that went through most of the sections. The navigation for the manual mode was ok, nothing spectacular. I still think DVDs on the whole are clunky to navigate. I think the problem I have is the response time. One feature I really did like was the comparisons between the different parts of the animation process. My only wish is that you could use the angle button and switch between comparisons in real time. I wish they would have also done this with the audio button for the mixing section.

The Emperor's New Groove - The Ultimate Groove will make a nice edition to any disneygeek's DVD library.


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